Friday, June 21

Busy Tots, Busy Thoughts: Character-building Activities for Kids

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It is always better to start children young if you want them to learn a new skill. This is especially true once they exhibit promise in that particular field. Kids learn through the activities they are exposed to during playtime. The interactions from their parents, siblings, relatives, and the rest of the community significantly affect their development as individuals. 

For parents who want to keep their kids occupied, several activities can contribute to their personality. By determining hobbies such as those related to sports and the arts, they can grow in a more holistic environment rather than one that is limited by their academic life. This will give them an added advantage in their college applications and expose them to experiences children do not usually have in their school. 

Since the formative years occur at a relatively brief period compared to the rest of their life, parents need to pay attention as early as they can if they want their kids to get ahead.  Here are some activities that they could consider if they want to keep their children occupied and productive at the same time:


Games lead to the development of problem-solving skills while building character through your child’s interactions with other players. The challenges they face during training and any match will allow them to explore their emotions. It reduces the likelihood that they will be disillusioned at a later age, better preparing them for their future.

Through sports, the reality of wins and losses will be instilled while they are young. They will realize that although hard work and dedication are essential, they do not guarantee success. It helps them recognize the other factors involved in a victory and broadens their minds toward approaching goals in their lives. 

For your child to develop a competitive character, it will help to start at home so that you can guide them better. An example of this is looking into professionals who can construct swimming pools. With their help, you can make it easier for kids to get into the habit of practicing moves in the water at home when you have your own pool to wade in. This way, you will be able to keep an eye out for behaviors that you might want to improve early on, without being worried about judgment from other parents. 


When children are exposed to acting at a young age, they will develop public speaking skills that can set them apart in any room. These kids will learn how to command attention as well as sustain the interest of the audience. This can be a powerful attribute as they go about the rest of their lives. 

Due to their perception of language and its impact on how others think, they can find it easier to communicate more effectively. Although some actors focus on making a script come to life, other thespians go the extra mile to become the role they are playing. They learn to empathize and present themselves in a way that can provoke the reaction that they desire. This is useful for them to appropriately determine their way of speaking and behaving as they get older.

Moreover, introducing them to beauty and the beast broadway theatre provides them with an outlet for their emotions. It lets them express how they feel or escape a stressful day. Even though it is an extracurricular activity, it will keep them from being overwhelmed with the truly taxing tasks they have to do at school.


If your child enjoys painting as a past-time, providing them with artist kits can be a way for you to show support in what they love to do. This activity encourages creativity, self-expression, and open-mindedness. Since art is a broad term, it can provide them with many options in the future.

Both children and adults make mistakes when they paint. It is up to them whether they should correct it or not. Also, when they decide to fix it, they have to figure out a way to do so without harming the rest of the artwork. This activity allows them to accept errors or realize solutions to resolve what they did not intend to do. 

As long as your kid is not passively partaking in life, they can build character and learn new skills through activities that keep them occupied. It will also be an opportunity for them to become more interesting as they experiment with their options. After all, they will never know whether they enjoy something unless they have the chance to try it out.