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Can roofing underlayment useful in protecting your home?


It is important for every homeowner must know about the roof and its components. The roof is meant for maintaining structural integrity and give protection against harsh weather. By protecting the attic space, it is easy to have the proper insulation in your home.

What do you understand by underlayment?

Roofing underlayment acts as a barrier installed on your roof deck. The roof is made based on your home construction. A roof deck is also known as roof sheathing and is made of plywood, PSB, or step sheathing. The underlayment is installed above the sheathing material as a second layer of protection against moisture.

Kinds of roofing underlayment

Generally, you will find three kinds of roofing underlayment in the market instilled with their benefits. Let’s discuss a brief about them.

  • Felt underlayment

It is known to be the oldest one and referred to as felt or tar paper. Usually, they are made of paper or organic mat that is saturated with asphalt while making them water-resistant. This is available in two weights – No.15 (15 pounds per hundred feet) and No. 30 (30 pounds per hundred square feet). If you are working on a light project, then opt for No.15 or else No. 30 which is more durable.

  • Self-adhered underlayment

The underlayment comprises asphalt and rubber polymer in high percentage. Thus, they are water-resistant when it comes to choosing roofing underlayment. As the name suggests, it comes with a sticky back so that easily get stick to the roof deck.

  • Synthetic underlayment

Most of the professionals select synthetic underlayment for commercial repair. They choose them because they are tear-resistant, durable, lighter, repels water, and many more.

Importance of roofing underlayment

The roof shingles are ideally the first line of defense as they help in reflecting the sun’s rays, hinder the precipitation, and withstand high winds. The underlayment protects your roof deck against damage that occurred due to harsh weather or ice dams.

Contacting a roofing contractor

Whether you are thinking about a re-roof project or a new construction project, a roofing contractor can help you with that. Guarding Home is q trusted company whom you can call for roofing and installing underlayment. Visit our website to get detailed information.