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Different Types of Construction Tools and Their Uses

30+ Building Construction Tools List with Images and their Uses

The construction industry is a fast-paced industry that makes use of traditional as well as newly developed tools. You have to work in coordination with various teams to accomplish a project. If you want to build a safe and secure structure, you have to utilize the right tools.

You also need to understand that each task demands different tools. The various jobs in this sector include marking and grading, excavation, carpentry, masonry, and plumbing, to name a few. You can build the best structures when all of these occur in tandem with one another.

Learn about the tools used in various phases of construction today.

  1. Protective Covering

Construction work can be physically very daunting. Moreover, risks are involved at several stages. If you do not use proper protective gear or measures, it can lead to severe accidents. The first body part that you need to protect is your eyes. Any worker needs to wear protective eye gear. The cement may go into the eyes and cause eye problems. So, glasses are a mandate.

Many powerful tools are used in the construction sector today. And, it is needless to say that they make a lot of noise. Therefore, you need to protect yourself from the same. Otherwise, it may lead to damage to the eardrums. During the demolition of old buildings, you have to wear masks too. Otherwise, the dust particles like cement can penetrate your lungs and cause respiratory ailments.

  1. Wheel Barrows

You need to move heavy materials like sand, scraps, and debris around the place. And, the wheelbarrow does help in that. You will also find them being used to mix cement. The process of pouring the cement mix is a major job in construction. During concrete laying and repairing, you need to be very careful. It solidifies fast, so using a proper tool to manage it becomes a mandate. Once it hardens, you cannot do anything fruitful with it. It is solid waste.

  1. Floats

You will be able to source them in various materials, like wood and magnesium. Magnesium floats are the most durable of the lot. They will slide easily over the surface as well. However, wood floats are not bad either. They are rough in texture. Floats are available in various sizes, from 4 inches to 20 inches. It is used to embed the coarse particles together. It also helps to fill holes and cut spots. After finishing off a surface with a Fresno, you need to use floats. Keep the float as flat as possible while doing the job.

  1. Mason’s Square

It is an important tool that helps to get that perfect right angle against the masonry wall. It is an ‘L’ shaped instrument. After it is laid out, the bricks are placed. It is one of the three types used in masonry. The tool consists of two arms of unequal length. It is also used to set up column bases. You will also hear the name Gallows’ Square being used.

  1. Groove Cutters and Edgers

You can join two slabs together with the help of the groove cutters and edgers. It helps to manage the appearance of cracks at the joint. These are mostly handheld tools that are used on sidewalks, driveways, and residential slabs. Many such groovers also come with a horizontal plate. The blade has rounded edges to give a shape to the edges of the slabs. Edgers are also similar, but they provide a more rounded look.

  1. Measuring Wheel

The tool is used to measure the distances and lengths. It comes with a straight handle attached to a wheel. Some of you may also know it as a surveyor’s wheel. It rotates, and the number of rotations helps to find out the distance. You can avail yourself of various benefits while using a measuring wheel. You can use it on the site without another person’s assistance.

Moreover, it is quicker than tape. There is certainly no limit to the distance that you can measure with it. You will see them being used in roads construction and landscaping. There are various models available today. Find one that suits you.

  1. Power Hammers and Drills

You need both of these for finishing tasks in the construction industry. You need them while mounting posts and railings. They are something without which you cannot give the desired look to the building or structure. That makes them very important. They come in corded as well as battery-operated forms. You can get one to suit your budget and needs.


These are a few of the tools that are used in the construction industry. Without such tools, you will not get the sturdiness and aesthetics your customers desire for their buildings.

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