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Five Latest Business Security Trends You Should Implement

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Businesses are susceptible to all sorts of crime, but no crime can damage a business other than theft. It’s estimated that businesses lose over $50 billion from workplace theft. It’s a severe problem that can be controlled, but only if a business is willing to implement the right options.

The Risk of Theft in Your Company

The risk of theft is always present in businesses. There are many ways that thieves can target your business, such as breaking, shoplifting, employee theft, fraud, and cybercrime. Even your employees can steal from your business. Furthermore, the cost of theft can be significant, with the average loss being $1,800 per incident. Once these incidents start to occur too often, you can lose your business.

You must be up-to-date with the latest security trends to protect your business from theft. Here are five of the latest business security trends that you should implement:

Smart Surveillance Cameras

One of the most effective ways to deter crime is installing surveillance cameras. Thieves are less likely to target a business if they know they’re being watched. All sorts of surveillance cameras are available on the market, but you should have cameras that can do security work for you.

Smart surveillance cameras utilize AI technology to protect your business from criminals. These cameras utilize the latest security video analytics software to detect and track people and objects. The software is constantly learning and evolving, so you can be sure that your business is always protected.

Moreover, these cameras can be integrated with your security system, giving you a complete overview of your business’s security. If you add an active spectator, you can have someone monitoring your business 24/7.

The best way to use these cameras is to install them in your front entrance or anywhere with a lot of foot traffic. This way, you can deter crime before it even happens.

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Access Control Systems

Another way to protect your business is by implementing an access control system. This system allows you to control who has access to your business and when. For example, you can set certain business areas off-limits to certain employees. Or, you can set a time limit for how long employees can access certain areas.

Access control systems use either physical or electronic means to restrict access. Physical access control systems use turnstiles, gates, and locks to control who can enter your business. Electronic access control systems use ID cards, key fobs, or biometrics (like fingerprint scanners) to control who can enter your business.

The best way to use an access control system is to integrate it with your surveillance system. This way, you can track who is coming and going from your business.

Intrusion Detection Systems

Intruders can be problematic in your office, especially if they can enter without any problems. Intrusion detection systems are designed to detect and alert you of any unauthorized activity in your business. These systems can be either passive or active. Passive intrusion detection systems simply monitor for suspicious activity. Active intrusion detection systems will take action when they detect suspicious activity (like sounding an alarm).

The best way to use an intrusion detection system is to integrate it with your surveillance and access control systems. This way, you can have a complete overview of your business’s security.


There were about a thousand data breaches in 2020, exposing millions of records worldwide. These breaches could have been prevented if a robust firewall existed. A firewall is a piece of hardware or software that helps protect your business from cyberattacks. Firewalls work by blocking incoming traffic that may contain malware or other threats.

The best way to use a firewall is to install it on your network and configure it to block all incoming traffic from unknown sources. You should also keep your firewall up-to-date with the latest security patches.


Data encryption is one of the best ways to protect your business from cybercrime. Encryption is a process of encoding data so that only authorized people can access it. When data is encrypted, it’s turned into unreadable code that someone with the right key can only decode.

The best way to use encryption is to encrypt all sensitive data, like customer credit card information and employee Social Security numbers. You should also encrypt any data that you transmit over the internet, like email attachments and file transfers.

You can encrypt data using either software or hardware. Software encryption is typically used to encrypt emails and files. Hardware encryption is typically used to encrypt data stored on hard drives and other devices.

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