Saturday, May 25

Five most expensive places to purchase property in Hampshire

5. Aldershot

In the Rushmoor district of Hampshire you will find the town of Aldershot. This popular town lies in the far northeast corner of the county a little more than 30 miles from London. Almost 40,000 people live in this town. Other towns in the region are places such as Farnham, Farnborough and Camberley. This collection of towns is part of what is known as the Aldershot Urban Area which has a combined population of almost 250,000 people. This makes the area the thirtieth-largest urban area in the UK. Upmarket properties can cost as much as £3.9 million even to property cash buyers.

4. Fareham

At the north-west end of Portsmouth Harbour is the market town of Fareham which is located between the cities of Southampton and Portsmouth. Over the last couple of centuries it was known as a place where bricks were manufactured. Some of these bricks were used in the construction of the Royal Albert Hall. There was also extensive agriculture which produced various seasonal fruits in particular strawberries. Other important places of industry are various small-scale manufacturers and the Fareham shopping center. Properties will sell for approximately £4 million.

3. Alresford

The market town of Alresford is located in the City of Winchester district of Hampshire. It is quite close to Alton and Winchester. There are healthy industries which include a central conservation area, five pubs, four tea rooms, a tourist information centre and other places of interest. The area has a long and interesting history which is spanning periods such as the Iron Age, Bronze Age and Neolithic periods. There is also evidence of a Roman influence in particular at places such as Fobdown and Bramdean. In the Domesday Book mention is made of Alresford which is an indication of the early importance of this area. Properties will sell for approximately £4 million for a hassle free cash sale.

2. Warsash

In southern Hampshire there is the village by the name of Warsash. This village is located at the mouth of the River Hamble. This is not far from the area known as Locks Heath. The economy of this region depends a lot on boating and this is probably one of the reasons why Warsash has a sailing club. This is also where the Warsash Maritime Academy is located. This Academy actually provides training for merchant Navy officers from across the planet. People will buy as much as £4.2 million for properties in this region.

1. Basingstoke

In southern England you will find the town of Basingstoke. This is also the home of The Milestones Museum which includes a1940s candy store as well as antique cars. Annually thousands of people visit the Willis Museum which provides amazing details of the town’s history which covers everything from the Iron Age to the present. There are also extraordinary art exhibitions which can be seen at the Sainsbury Gallery. Another attraction is the ruined Tudor manor known as Basing House but there is also the Tudor mansion known as The Vyne which has a 16th-century chapel. Properties in this area can cost as much as £13 million.