Sunday, April 21

How to Recover From a Relationship Gone Wrong

12 Ways to Recover from a Bad Relationship - MyThirtySpot

When a relationship starts, it is the most beautiful thing ever. A couple commits to staying faithful and giving each other all the best things in the world—even giving the best of themselves. His whole world revolves around her until the guy decides to take the relationship to the next level. This time, he carefully plans his next steps.


As the day approaches, the excitement builds up. Never mind the $6,000 diamond ring and a $300 dinner. The goal is to make her feel special and make the night perfect. After a good dinner, he bends down on one knee. There, he pops a small box open and asks, “Will you marry me?” She says, “Yes.” Eventually, they get married, and everything is smooth sailing. 


But one day, he loses his job. He can’t provide the same things he did before. She has to step up and work to help pay the bills. As a result, she became anxious, angry, and depressed. They begin to drift apart. And from there, the relationship goes into a downward spiral.


Many of you can relate to this. Perhaps you yourself are a witness. Or you may have experienced it. Here’s hoping that you have already recovered and moved on. But if not, then this blog provides tips on recovery and moving forward.


These tips are subject to experience. Generally, people can relate to these tips and may use them to help themselves.


  1. Create a Plan


Saving your relationship is a very noble task. But if it doesn’t work anymore, then it’s only fair to move on. This is not only about emotionally moving on. It is about physically separating yourself, especially if the nature of abuse is physical. 


You have to move as far away as possible. If you have been physically or mentally abused, you have to disconnect all forms of communication. May it be by phone, email, or social media. It is also a good idea to seek legal protection. More importantly, seek the company of people who care for you. Talk to them, have fun and hang out with them. This will help get you moving on from any trauma caused by abuses you have experienced.


If it helps, then you also have the option to move to a new house. You can book a local mover that will help you relocate to a new city or state. That way, you get to enjoy a fresh environment and replace the painful memories with new ones.


  1. Treat Yourself


This season is all about you. That is the healthiest mindset you can bring with you to your new place. A new lease on life is what you call it, especially if you come from a traumatic situation.


This is when you remind yourself that you can be loved. Do something fun that you have been doing. Call your friends and have them over. Go to concerts, go out partying. Play sports and go mountain climbing. Feel that rush of reaching simple goals and being happy like you have never been before.


And when you are alone, and you feel that loneliness, honor it. Learn to process your emotions and do not deny the fact that you hurt. That is the way you treat your soul when it hurts so bad. You can learn to write it down, turn it into poetry. Learn to write a song. 


And if it hurts that bad, then it is time to seek friendly advice. Better yet, get professional counseling. Find someone who cares and will guide you in every step of the process. Never drink a single drop of alcohol, either. You might think it helps, but it turns into the danger of drinking some more.


  1. Educate Yourself


You deserve another shot at love. And it is not necessary to put up that guard to avoid that same abuse. If you have enough education and understanding, you can take the necessary steps as soon as you see a red flag. 


You can hire a Relationship Expert for a few sessions of learning. You can also read articles and books about the nature of abuse and different abusive behaviors. It is also good to instill in you that you are not alone. Many people go through this; many others are willing to help.


They say life is better when you have someone to share it with. But it gets even better if you are happy and at peace even when you are alone. It will not only bring happiness, but it will make you feel satisfied. And contentment is a good source of absolute peace and lasting happiness.