Sunday, April 21

How To Recruit The Right Talent When Hiring In A Candidate’s Market?

Recruiting an eligible candidate with the right approach, abilities, and dedication, is almost next to impossible today, given the rate of unemployment and availability of thousands and millions of candidates. So, as a recruiter, how does one find the right person for the job is one genuinely big and significant question one needs to ponder over. Even though the process of hiring employees is well-structured and pre-determined, the main aspect of the whole process rests on the fact that assessing the candidates depends completely on the recruiter. And, Synergie Hunt employment agency is one of the topmost recruiting agencies that values talented candidates. 

So hiring in a candidate’s market and choosing the right one can be simplified in the following ways.

  • Giving them a problem to solve

After the candidate feels comfortable in the environment, you can start off by giving them a problem to solve.  Describe a problem to them and ask them to look for a solution. By doing this, you can not only learn the candidate’s approach to the problem and be able to verify his/her abilities but you can also see if the candidate can look at the problem from a unique and different perspective. This method can be quite effective while hiring a potential employee.

  • Out of the interview zone

Believe it or not, the process of recruitment, today, goes beyond what’s on the resume. You want to know the candidate and assess him/her skills thoroughly before you hire him/her and taking them out of the interview zone can actually help you know the candidate. Further, choosing activities that accent the company culture to examine how the candidate will fit in is another great way to assess him. 

  • Feedback from other people

This is one of the most efficient tactics of knowing how the candidate actually is. In order to do this, you could ask someone, off the interview panel, to give the candidate a tour of the office, or to escort them inside. Most often, candidates can charm the interview room but can be rude to others. Thus, with the help of this technique, one can find it easy to shortlist candidates and recruit them.

In a market full of talent and the competition for this talent, these are a few tactics recruiters can use to choose the perfect candidate.