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How to Save Electricity and Cut Down Your Bills

50 Tips to Cut Your Electric Bill in Half - HomeSelfe

You’re probably thinking of new methods to lower your electric bill. And even despite the changes in outdoor temperature due to changes in season, you still need to use an air conditioning or heating system to attain your desired indoor temperature. But fret not. There are several ways to keep your electric bill low, no matter what season. 

Cutting Down Electric Bills

Whether you’re trying to save money by lowering your electric consumption in an apartment or house, the following hacks will undoubtedly give you exceptional results. Apart from focusing on strategies to cut back on light or water usage, you will also learn to keep your home warm without spending too much money. Read below to know how:

Audit your Electricity

Before you start taking action, it’s vital to understand how much electricity you consume regularly. This method will be much easier if you use an auditing tool to download on your mobile phone. You can also opt to hire a professional to do the job. After auditing your electricity usage, it’ll be much easier to determine areas to reduce energy use. 

Change your Energy Provider

One of the most effective ways to cut down on your electric bill is by switching to a new energy supplier. Take advantage of the internet and find the best deals out there. Compare several offers and prices to know that you get the most out of your money. 

Configure your Thermostat

Your heater is one of the most significant contributors to your electric consumption. But there are a few ways to reduce your energy usage by configuring your thermostat. Did you know that lowering your thermostat by about two degrees can save you at least 5 percent on your heating bill? The more you lower it down, the more you’ll save. 

In addition, replacing your furnace regularly is a great way to reduce electric use. Using an old one that usually breaks down is much more expensive as it consumes more energy, plus, it requires more repairs too. Having a new one when needed will benefit your house and your pocket. 

Laundry Tips

You can also save more money by changing how you do your laundry. Here are some laundry tips:

  1. Maximize the machine’s load. Avoid using your washing machine to wash a few pieces of clothing only. 
  2. Wash once a week only. Using the device almost every day can make your bills go higher. 
  3. If it’s summer, opt to air dry your clothes and hang them outside instead of using your tumble dryer. 

Keep the Refrigerator Cool, but Not Too Much

Keep this in mind, the cooler your freezer and fridge, the higher the electric bill. Set your freezer’s temperature around -18°C and your fridge between 1.5°C and 3°C. You keep your food fresh while reducing your energy consumption by doing this. 

Turn Off Electric Devices

Make sure to turn your electric devices off when they are not in use. Leaving them on standby for an extended period can significantly increase your energy usage. If this is too much work for you, consider using a smart power strip. Its purpose is to turn off devices automatically when they are not in use. 

Do Your Chores at Night

Here’s a secret you probably don’t know: Many electric companies charge higher during daytime than nighttime. Give your electric provider a call and determine if they charge consumers this way. If they do, do all your power-intensive chores, such as laundry and dishwashing during the night. 

Opt for A Lighter Home Paint

If you want to save more energy, opt for light-colored paints. Keep in mind that light colors of pain can reduce your energy consumption by reflecting heat and light better. 

Pull Appliance Plugs

Plugged-in appliances consume energy even though they are not in use. So pulling the plug after using your television, blender, food processor, and other devices can significantly impact your bills. Of course, there’s always an exemption, such as appliances that need constant energy to serve their purpose. 

Turn Your Lights Off

Make it a habit to turn lights off before leaving a room to reduce your electric consumption. But you can do more than flip a switch to save energy. One of the best ways to do this is by switching to light-emitting diodes (LEDs) or energy-efficient fluorescent lamps. 


In summary, the most effective way to reduce energy consumption is by using electric devices and appliances wisely. Unplug things that aren’t in use, be mindful of using electric devices, and opt for something that will help you save energy, such as inverters.