Sunday, May 19

Overcome Your Fear of Flying: 5 Tips

Are you scared of flying? Well, you’re not the only one. Millions have this fear. Mentioned in this post are 5 tips that can help you overcome your fear of flying. Keep reading.

Aviophobia – That is what fear of flying is called. It is a genuine fear with millions of travellers facing it globally.  While some need clinical intervention, many travellers have fears that can be managed by following some tips. Let’s look at 5 tips to manage your fear of flying.

  1. Know Your Triggers: Knowing your triggers that set your anxiety roaring is extremely important. Some of these can be managed, and others are best avoided? So what sets your heart palpitating? Is it turbulence? Is it a tight seating space? Is it the noise? Is it of heights? Once you know your triggers, you can work towards managing your fear accordingly. For instance,
    1. Book an early morning flight known to experience lesser turbulence when the skies are comparatively clear
    2. Pick a better seat or upgrade your cabin to business class for better legroom.
    3. Carry a noise-cancelling headset to drown the noise of the plane engine.
    4. Opt for an aisle seat if you have a fear of heights.
  2. Reach Early at the Airport and Acquaint Yourself: Not just for the frequent flyers but even for the seasoned travellers, rushing through the security, and running to the departure gate to catch the flight can induce anxiety. It is best to reach early to the airport and acquaint yourself with the surrounding well before you board the flight. Spend some time at the airport lounges and enjoy a complimentary meal to calm down your nerves.
  3. Inform the flight crew about the Phobia: About 30-40% of travellers face some sort of fear of flying. Thus, you’re not the only one, and there is no shame in letting the support staff know about your fears. The in-flight crew is more than equipped to handle your fears. From checking-in on you regularly to offering you better seats, they’ll make sure you are well cared for. This can certainly reduce anxiety to a great extent.
  4. Opt for the Right Seats: Let’s face it. Seats on a flight are not the most comfortable. Especially for travellers who fear flying, small-leg room or smaller cabin of flights with restricted movement does not help but add to the anxiety.  It thus becomes important to select the right seats even if it means paying a little extra for them. Some of the seats advised for people with aviophobia are;
    1. Seats with better legroom, usually near the emergency exit doors or right in the front.
    2. Seats in front are better than seats right at the back.
    3. Seats close to the cabin-crew will keep you assured that you have help within your arms reach.
  5. Start with short-duration Flights: People with anxiety issues should try and stay away from long-haul flights until they have learnt to manage their stress. Start with short-duration flights before moving to long-haul ones. For instance, flight duration from Chennai to Hyderabad or Delhi to Lucknow is under an hour. Once you have taken a few of these, you can then switch to longer duration flights such as Delhi to Bangalore. If you have to travel long distances, try breaking your trip into two or more flights to manage your stress better.

Taking a flight is safer than travelling by road. Moreover, strict policies by the authorities ensure that the flights are checked every time before departing, making them one of the safest ways to travel. However, that doesn’t mean your fears are unfounded. Follow the tips mentioned here to make your journey smoother and better.