Friday, June 21

Take a Break From Tech: 3 Ways to Reduce Your Screen Time

Why we all need to take breaks from technology….

There’s no denying that technology has transformed many aspects of our lives. Giant companies across industries utilize technology to streamline processes and increase production, while countries like Japan dive into the world of robotics. There is no more escaping its power in this day and age. And if you are not well-versed in using a smartphone, talk to a 10-year-old. From your youngest family member who uses it for online classes to the eldest who reads news articles on Google, you can see how each generation has adapted to digital transformation. Therefore, technology has been valuable and helpful all over the world.

But technology is not without disadvantages. Nowadays, people spend more hours using gadgets than they spend sleeping and doing physical activities. People who have their own social media accounts check their notifications about 700 times per week. On average, a teenager can spend almost ten hours a day on social media and other platforms. 

All over the world, people send about 270 billion emails every day and post almost half a million tweets every minute. In addition, Americans check their phones for messages, calls, and time checks at least 53 times a day, accounting for a total of 1,484 times of exposure to blue light and technology every month.

This is why the technology that we cannot live without can also become a source of stress to many. Studies show that adults between 20 and 33 years old who use social media feel lonelier than those who don’t. Even mental health issues like depression progress further because of social media.

So what do you do when technology becomes the source of your stress? Here are a few tips.

  1. Prioritize Your Physical and Mental Health

This is best for those who experience negative interactions on social media. Also, those who are prone to anxiety, anger, and suicidal tendencies. If your use of gadgets drives all the negative emotions, then it’s time to pause. Begin to do other things that make you happy again.

Excessive use of technology also has adverse effects on our physical health, with eyestrain and poor posture being the most common problems. It is also the source of bad sleeping habits, reduced physical activity, and obesity. This proves that too much of anything, including technology, is dangerous for your health. When you are beginning to feel all these, then it is time to take a tech break.

  1. Unplug

If you are a boss of a company or a leader of a group, make sure to put them on notice at least 30 days in advance. Better yet, hire a secretary who will answer the calls for you. But if not, then you can maximize the use of “Out of the Office” notifications, which are available on many emails accounts nowadays.

As soon as that date comes, give yourself a day or two to disconnect from the digital world. Fight the urge to check your emails. Go to places where you don’t have to bring your laptop. Bring a phone for emergency use only but keep it in the bag.

Spend time with the family. Do outdoor activities. Play games and other physical sports and sweat it out. By doing this, you will know that technology does not control you. And your world does not revolve around it.

  1. Off-the-Grid Weekends

Living off the grid does not mean you cannot use electricity and water. It means that your source of energy and water is independent of public utilities. To disconnect yourself from technology, you can spend a weekend away from the city and supply your own power, water, and gas. 

Nowadays, solar energy companies can provide you with solar panels as your first step to sustainable living. However, you can use basic appliances just to make it through the day. You get your water source from a PVC that pumps water from a river. Being surrounded by nature, you can consider this weekend a breather from city life.

You and your family can go trekking, hiking, and fishing. You can plant and grow your own vegetables and pick your own fruits. Health experts say outdoor activities increase emotional and mental health. Then the fresh air contributes to healthy lungs and a healthy heart. Do this once a month, and you will never regret it.

Final Thoughts

There are many other ways to free yourself from the stress brought about by technology. If technology affects your productivity at work and relationships, it is best to seek professional help. But if you simply want to take a break, you can do it anytime. Not only will it refresh your mind, but it will also free your soul.