Sunday, May 19

The Dreaded Mac Spinning Wheel: 8 Best Ways To Avoid It

Did you know that people spend nearly 4 hours a day on technology devices in the United States?

This time doesn’t include work, but rather the time that you are awake outside of your employment.

If you have limited time and want to make the most of your computer, you should know about the spinning wheel.

Continue reading to learn about some of the best ways to avoid the Mac spinning wheel that often seems to be a sign of computer death!

1. Restart Your Laptop

One of the best ways to get rid of the dreaded Mac spinning wheel is by restarting your computer.

The easiest way to restart your Mac is by selecting the Apple menu at the top of your screen. A restart button will appear and then your Mac should quickly shut down. Keep in mind that if you have internet tabs and applications running, the computer will need the approval to close out of them.

If your computer is so frozen that it still won’t restart, you might have to force it. Holding down the Control, Command, and Power button simultaneously can also shut down your laptop. When all else fails, you can hold down the Power button and it should turn off.

2. Hold Tight

Sometimes you will get lucky and the Macbook loading wheel only appears for a moment.

When you see the spinning wheel briefly and the computer resolves the issue, it is likely just overwhelmed. Look at how many applications and tabs you have open to see if that is the cause of the delay.

Holding tight to let your computer work it out will only work in some situations, however. When the wheel keeps appearing more frequently and for longer stretches, it is signaling that something is wrong.

Try walking away from your computer or focus on something else until the spinning wheel goes away. Pressing more buttons and keys can further delay your computer from being prepared to function.

3. Force Quit Applications

Since information and application overload are often reasons that the spinning wheel comes, you should know how to force quit.

Force quitting out of applications can save you from serious spinning wheel issues. When an application or program is having trouble running, a box should appear with an option to force quit. This is a quick way to address the problem but sometimes it isn’t enough.

You can also force quit applications by right-clicking on the application icon and selecting force quit. Keep in mind that if you have unsaved information on a program, you might lose it since the computer can’t properly save it.

When you re-enter your applications, you might have the option to recover the pages you were previously using. This is helpful when you can barely perform basic functions because of info overload.

4. Delete Apps You Don’t Use

Even when you aren’t using applications, they still absorb some of the battery power and storage in your Mac.

If you tend to see the Macbook rainbow wheel often, you should consider getting rid of some applications. Go to your launchpad screen and start looking at the applications you have downloaded. When you come across apps that you don’t use or plan to use, you can delete them.

Deleting useless apps can free up storage space and prevent the wheel from making another appearance. This also keeps your computer more organized. If you ever need the applications that you delete again, you can easily download them to your computer, some are still stored in your Cloud Drive.

5. Monitor RAM Capacity

Depending on when you bought your Mac and how much data you use, you should monitor your RAM capacity.

RAM is the working memory of your computer and when it starts getting too full, you increase your risk of seeing the wheel. You can check how much RAM you are using by selecting the Apple menu and choosing “About this Mac.”

A box will appear and you can press the Memory tab to get a closer look.

6. Limit Open Programs

Most people wait to make changes to their habits until the wheel appears, however, this can often be too late.

Limiting the number of programs you have running will help prevent the wheel and keep you productive. Although it can be challenging to limit tabs and apps if you need them for work, it can make a big difference.

7. Get Your Mac Serviced

Have you had your computer for more than 3 years and are starting to see the rainbow wheel?

Typically, after a few years, you need to get your Mac serviced to maintain its performance and abilities. You can get your Mac serviced by making an appointment at the store or you can mail your laptop to the company.

Getting your Mac serviced with help avoid potential problems that lead to loading issues.

8. Update Your Computer

If you haven’t recently updated your computer software, you should do so.

When the software updates are incomplete, it can impact your Mac’s entire ability to function. Many people report that if they miss an update, they deal with delayed loading and slower speeds.

An update can be slowing down your computer just enough to bring about the spinning wheel and prevent you from getting work done.

Never See the Mac Spinning Wheel Again

Seeing the Mac spinning wheel can ruin your day, no one wants to see it.

If you want to stop the spinning wheel on Mac computers, you need to closely look at your applications. When your computer gets overwhelmed, the first thing it does is freeze up with the wheel.

Don’t be afraid to force quit applications or restart your computer to bring it back to life. You should ensure that all of the info you need, however, can be recovered.

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