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Things To Verify Before Hiring a Vehicle Transportation Company

It is important to check everything when it comes to the transportation of the vehicle. Hiring a genuine and reliable car transportation company will make the whole procedure safer, stress-free, and convenient.

Ship a Car, Inc. is a safe and reliable nationwide vehicle shipping company based in Florida that offers its services around the year at an optimal cost. It follows all the procedures and does everything legally to make sure your automobile reaches the destination in the same condition when they gave it to the company.

Things To Concentrate on While Recruiting Vehicle Transportation Company

When hiring these people, look out for the following 3 factors:

  • Documents and authenticity
  • Fees of their services
  • Process of Shipping

Documents and Authenticity

The clients should ask for the insurance coverage, permits of the various state governments regarding the truck’s height, and wellness certificates. Also, there are pending parking violations against the vehicle and the driver has no ongoing criminal charges and has the license to drive.

Also, ask for the companies’ registration certificate or some proof that proves their business is authentic. The time of picking up and delivery should also be present in the contract, and they are liable to pay if there is a delay or damage while delivering.

Fees of Their Services

The fees vary due to different factors like the type of carrier, routes, market rate, fuel prices, and availability of a good driver.  Make sure everything is done legally and according to the contract. No further payments will be made if it is not present in the contract. Do not overlook any factor as it could result in over expenditure.

Look for storage terminal spending as there are various options to choose from. Select the one that you can afford and is also in the contract. Sometimes there are kinds of discounts which reduce the cost.

Shipping Process

After the contract has been drawn, the company picks the vehicle from your home or workplace or from their storage compound where you had sent it. Then they either harness or pack/lock the vehicles or both to avoid movements during transportation. After checking everything, it is sent away once the driver arrives.

The driver then follows the route, stops for resting, and then goes on until he or she delivers it to the destination, which could be their terminal or the location given by you. In most cases, they are paid in two parts, half before leaving the starting place and the other half when it reaches the destination.


When the contract is drawn, pay close attention to every detail written in the contract document and explained by the sales agents. If you have a misconception or doubt, you should clear it with the managing agent. Before hiring, you should research about the company and read previous customer’s reviews. If the company does things by the book and legally, you will not face any problems in shipping your vehicle to a new area.