Thursday, June 13

Top Five Hacks University Students Need to Know About

For many students, the end of senior year is just around the corner and looming close behind is freshman year of college. It’s a thought that might make most people nervous, especially if they’ve never been on their own before. However, college doesn’t have to be scary or nerve-wracking. With these hacks, anyone can make it through their first year of college with flying colours. From hiring a custom essay writing service to taking organized notes, follow these tips to ensure a successful college career. 

  1. Have a Backup Major

In the beginning, you may feel a lot of pressure to choose your major. As a result, many people end up choosing a career path that they aren’t happy with, just to appease their peers. If you start down a particular career path that you realize isn’t for you, don’t be afraid to switch to something else. Try and start out your first semester taking prerequisite classes that are general enough that they can work for just about any major—this way you don’t lose out on any credits when switching to a new major.

  1. Take Colour Coded Notes 

When taking several classes at once, your notes may end up getting jumbled up and you may have a hard time distinguishing what notes go with what class. This makes studying for tests and completing assignments that much more difficult. An easy way to save yourself a headache is to colour code your notes by class. For example, assign one class a yellow highlighter, another a pink, one an orange, and so on. This also makes it easier for you to find what you are looking for when you are flipping through notebooks. 

  1. Hire an Essay Writing Service 

If there is one thing to know about college, it’s that you can expect to write a lot of essays. No matter what course you take, you can expect to write an essay at some point or another. In fact, you may even be required to write one in several classes at the same time. If essay writing is getting to be a bit too much for you, consider hiring a custom essay writing service. These services are run by academic professionals who can provide you with a custom essay in exchange for a small fee.

  1. Make Friends

This may seem like a given, but believe it or not, it is not something that everyone prioritizes when they are in college. Making friends in college can be difficult, especially if you don’t live on campus. However, having friends is a great way to feel more connected to your school and get through the next few years with as little stress as possible. Although your studies should certainly be your number one priority, don’t let socializing fall to the wayside. After all, it’s good to give yourself a break every once in a while.

  1. Use Student Discounts 

If you are sick and tired of dining on cafeteria food, this hack is for you. Many students don’t know that their student ID doubles as a coupon book. Many local businesses offer student discounts to those who can show a student ID. You can find discounts everywhere from bookstores and restaurants to even movie theatres and local venues. If you are on a tight budget, be sure to use your student ID to your advantage and save as much money as you possibly can—and say goodbye to unappetizing cafeteria food and hello to discounted and delicious meals instead.