Friday, September 22

Day: July 13, 2021

Sports and Health: You Don’t Need Surgery to Keep Your Spine and Back Healthy

Just recently, L.A. Lakers bowed out to Chris Paul’s Phoenix Suns. And as the NBA is one of America’s most-watched sport export to the world, the world seemed stunned that last year’s NBA Champion could be taken out unceremoniously in the first round of the playoffs. Where’s the superstar called LeBron James? What did he do? And how about his 2.08 m 28-year-old sidekick who helped him deliver the championship last year? Where was Anthony Davis? You bet they were there. But one thing has sidelined their skills: injury. Had James not have a high ankle sprain and Davis not have an Achilles injury, the Lakers may have a legitimate run to the top. But that’s wishful thinking now that all is done. Injury indeed is a common refrain in sports. What’s worse is there are injuries that could e...