Friday, June 21

3 Types of Topical Cannabis You Must Try

Cannabis continues to grow in popularity at an astounding rate. This comes as no surprise, considering all of the health benefits that have come to light recently. It seems the plant, along with its active ingredients, can solve so many common physical and mental issues.

But, is smoking cannabis the only way to get benefits from the plant? That’s not the case at all and, in fact, some other methods of application can prove even more beneficial.

One popular alternative is to use topical cannabis. Many consider it an easier approach that doesn’t involve the lungs. If you’re curious about the different types of topical cannabis, consider reading ahead.

Cannabis Cream

Cannabis creams are a very versatile form of topical cannabis, as you can apply them anywhere on the body. However, these creams are mostly used, unsurprisingly, for healing or benefitting the skin. Some iterations come with varying levels of THC, and have the potential to cause a slight “high,” but these are somewhat rare. Users typically pick cannabis creams to help with irritated, itchy, and sensitive skin.

Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil is a popular option as users can apply it to the skin, but they can also ingest it orally. Whereas cannabis creams are used for treating or improving the skin, cannabis oil is primarily used to treat specific issues below the skin. One example involves arthritis.

Patients suffering various forms of join pain benefit from the direct application of cannabis oil to the affected regions. However, cannabis oil has been shown to aid in relieving nerve pain, eczema, psoriasis, and even inflammation. And, when consumed orally, it can aid with headaches, menstrual cramps, and even migraines.

It’s highly recommended that patients consult with a doctor before pursuing self-treatment. You can also ask for personal experiences at dispensaries like Harvest for additional guidance where medical professionals might lack some experience.

Cannabis Balm

Cannabis balm, also referred to as cannabis salve, have a thicker consistency than cream or oil. They’re another option for pain relief, but are a bit different from the cannabis oil alternative. The balms are typically better for muscle soreness or chronic and localized pain.

Balms are also easier to measure for doses and apply to the skin without making a mess. This is in similar fashion to gel roll-ons, where a roll-on applicator is used to apply a solution to hard-to-reach places like a person’s back.

Trying Topical Cannabis

Topical cannabis comes in a wide variety of solutions. You can find lubricants, sprays, patches, among many others. But, the most popular forms include oil, balm, and cream. Each has its own separate set of benefits, even if a few seem quite similar. Topicals are growing in popularity as they’re easy to apply and provide quick relief to a myriad of health issues.

Hopefully, this article gave you a quick but useful look into the world of popular topical cannabis options. If it did, consider taking a look around the site for other helpful posts!