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6 Things to Consider Before Going Independent as a Young Adult

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As you may have learned from your peers and colleagues, moving out of your parents’ house can be challenging. That’s unless you were able to prepare for this event completely. Being away from your parents is already hard. That’s especially true if your bond with them is strong. Not to mention all the other things you have to leave in your parents’ house when you move out. 

While you think this may be a lot to take in, you need to know that you’re not alone. More millennials are also leaving their parents to become independent. It could take a lot of courage to pull off this feat as a young adult. But maybe, the thought of seeing other young adults do the same may encourage you.

In case you need a little more motivation, you may continue reading. We’ve listed some of the most important things to consider if you’re planning to move out of your parents’ house. Taking these things into consideration should help you with your independence.

Your Mental Health

This aspect of your well-being should be a vital part of every decision you’re going to make. As mentioned above, leaving parents may not be easy for everybody. Each person has a certain type of bond with their moms or dads. You should assess yours with your parents to see if you’re really ready to move out. Your parents may also find the separation a little worrying. This is when you have to explain to them the importance of going independent for yourself. They have to know that you’re prioritizing your development. That’s needed cause you can’t grow if you don’t leave your comfort zone. It’s an idea your parents should know in case they’re not comfortable letting you go. Moving out of your parents’ house should be a smooth transition. Stress and anxiety should be minimal. You should be in the right headspace since you’ll soon be making decisions of your own.


Moving out of your parents’ house takes months of preparation. Some even take years to get themselves ready for this moment. That’s because they have to make sure they’ve saved enough before leaving. Going independent is a serious matter, and your finances should be on point. This is the time to look at your bank account and check if you can afford to move out already. You want to make sure that you have enough money to buy stuff needed for the house. 

The Place You’re Moving To

Before you pack your belongings and book a trusted local mover, you might want to check first if the place you’re moving to is right for you. You should understand the terms and conditions of the landlord. The neighborhood should be safe and free from any crimes as much as possible. It should also be accessible to establishments you need to go to. It’s better if it’s near your work so that you’ll have less time for commuting. These are just a few things you have to check before considering if a place is viable for you to move into.

All the Things You Have to Bring

Part of your packing is checking all the essentials you shouldn’t leave in your parents’ house. Bring all the necessities you have to bring with you. You may have belongings that you don’t want your parents to see; you immediately put them in the suitcase. Any prized possessions or memorabilia should also be included. Just remember everything you have to bring with you to your new living space.

Your Pets

There may be additional things you have to consider in an apartment to move into if you have pets. One of them is the location’s pet laws. Some homeowners associations or HOAs have specific guidelines for people who own pets. You should know them to ensure that you won’t be restricted from bringing your pets with you. Aside from that, your pets should have a space where they can play comfortably. And most importantly, the place you’ll be settling in should also be safe for your four-legged friends.


This can’t be reiterated more. Having a stable job is important if you’re going to be independent. That’s the only way for you to sustain your lifestyle. You can’t pay rent or buy food anyway if you don’t have a job. Being employed gives you financial independence. It might be better if you have a stable job. Just take care of your performance at work so job security will always be there.

Moving out of your parents’ house can be daunting and anxiety-inducing. Preparedness is the answer to combat these feelings. Being independent should be exciting for you since you’ll finally be able to do what you want. But before achieving this relief, you have to get yourself ready to avoid hurdles.