Friday, June 21

9 Raja Ampat Travel Destinations that are Fun to Visit


For divers and fans of snorkelling activities, Raja Ampat is a paradise. The extraordinary natural beauty of Raja Ampat, even throughout the world recognises it. It is not wrong if many people want to be a direct witness of the beauty, even though transportation access to be able to enjoy tourist destinations in Raja Ampat is still very limited, and the price is quite draining the bag.

However, if you are one of the travellers who rounded up, tighten the belt and are ready to spend savings to enjoy the charm of Raja Ampat, you must know that it is not a special underwater. Not a few interesting tourist destinations on the surface you must visit.

Are you interested in seeing and exploring a tourist destination in the charming Raja Ampat? Just look at the places you have to visit in one of the cities in West Papua!

  1. Exploring beauty in Misool

Visiting Misool, meaning you have touched Raja Ampat. From here, the trip and adventure of East Indonesia you can begin.

Selami every water in one of the four big islands in Raja Ampat, you will find a scene that is extraordinary. It’s hard to describe one of the most popular tourist destinations in the most popular Raja Ampat. So you should go directly to the location!

  1. Beautiful lagoon at Star Lagoon

There is a star-shaped lagoon in Raja Ampat, precisely on Pianemo Island. The scenery from the coral hill alone has illustrated how beautiful this place is.

But to make it more clarify what the underwater panorama at Star Lagoon, you can immediately dopin. Guaranteed will not be disappointed!

  1. iconic natural monument, pencil stone

Towering coral and alone in the middle of the Gulf of Kabui is the best icon. Because of its famous, pencil stones have always become banned from taking pictures. So, you shouldn’t miss this spot if you vacation to Raja Ampat.

  1. Raja Ampat icon, Wayag

Wayag is also one of the icons of Raja Ampat. A scarred green in the middle of the blue sea serves a breathtaking panorama, making Raja Ampat very global.

It’s not difficult to get an impressive moment in Wayag. You can pose with a fantastic background.

  1. Tourism Village and Spot Diving which was fun in Arborek Village

If you want to meet residents while enjoying a beautiful panorama, then Arborek island is what you have to visit. Almost all of its citizens have wide hospitality and smile, ready to welcome open arms who come to their village. There is one warning for those of you who want to visit Arborek Village, don’t be stolen because of the sincerity shown by its citizens.

  1. Island that is only sandy, sand arises

The extraordinary nature of Raja Ampat is still added with special miracles, namely sand arising. This location finally transformed into a sand island, which is located close to Manussuar Island. Inilah, the right moment for you bonfie and set foot before the island is missing seawater when it tides.

  1. Local and sincere wisdom of joy in Sauwandandark Tourism Village

One more tourist village Raja Ampat that you must visit, namely the village of Sauwandandek. Local wisdom shown by its citizens makes you may be lazy to go home. In addition, around Sauwandandark Village, there are also various fun spots to enjoy Raja Ampat’s typical coral reefs. Even on the dery, the underwater scenery is very special.

  1. See Cenderawasih directly in Sawingrai Village

For those of you who want to see the original Papuan animals, Cenderawasih birds, in their original habitat, just go to Sawingrai Village. But you must be willing to wake up early and prepare trousers and shoes and not noisy to get luck watching this Cenderawasih bird.

If you don’t manage to see this bird, don’t be disappointed because you can find many things in Sawinggrai. Not only the natural panorama but also the hospitality of its citizens.

  1. Spot engrossed in enjoying the panorama of Raja Ampat in Pianemo

If you want just to enjoy the natural scenery of Raja Ampat from height, the pianemo is the right spot for that. Clusters of the coral and blue sea can be seen from heights. Because of the potential offered, not a few also call this pianemo a mini wayag.

Whether your trips take you on a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas and resorts or urban attractions, additional research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Raja Ampat by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.