Sunday, April 21

A Cuddly Place For Cozy Books With Sheesham Wood Bookshelf Online

Books are just not papers bound together. They are memories. Every book has a story of its own. Most of us know the smell of books and would want to stock them for life. Are you a person who likes to collect books and store them in your house? Well, you need a good bookshelf to keep them for display. Bookshelves nowadays don’t come in a systematic design or order. They come in many shapes and sizes. It is essential to buy a bookshelf that meets your needs and has an aesthetic appeal. Think from the creative side of your mind and choose what looks good for the room. You can check the Wakefit website for some unique bookshelves that suit all kinds of homes.

Why Should You Go for a Bookshelf?

Unfortunately, in the digital age, a bookshelf is considered a decorative piece of furniture in the house rather than a necessity. Buy a bookshelf and stock books in them to encourage reading habits. You can also display a mini library in your home with bookshelves if space permits. Here are a few points to consider while buying a bookshelf online. 

Keep a Check on the Size of the Bookshelf 

Before you buy a bookshelf, ensure the size of the space available. Measure your space with tape to know which size to buy. Also, keep in mind that you should leave enough walking space around the bookshelf; otherwise, the room might look cramped and clumsy. A bookshelf should be braised enough to hold all sizes of books. There is no point in buying a small bookshelf that doesn’t fit all your books. You can either buy a large one or two or three small ones to keep in different places of the house. 

Choose the Type of Wood

Bookshelves are made from different types of wood like mango wood, engineered wood, Sheesham wood etc. It is always best to buy WFH furniture made out of Sheesham wood as it is hard and durable. Look for a Sheesham wood bookshelf online that is strong enough to last for years. The advantage of Sheesham wood is they are termite resistant and moisture resistant, which makes it the best choice to preserve your books. Any furniture made with Sheesham wood is considered the carpenter’s choice as it is hard in nature and can be carved easily. Its colour also varies from dark red to light brown. You will be able to choose from a variety of colours. Have you noticed the texture and uniform grains in the Sheesham wood? Take a close look if you get a chance. The grains are uniform and add to the aesthetic view of the room. 

Decide on the Type of Bookshelf 

Bookshelves are of various features. You have the open type bookshelves that are left open always. Some bookshelves are open on both sides so that you can pick books from either side of the shelf. Both are equally useful, and you just have to buy the right one that suits your space. If you are going to place your shelf against a wall, try the open back ones so that the books can lean against the wall. Those who don’t have a plain wall can opt for a closed bookshelf. You also have bookshelves attached to study tables. In case you are looking for a study table with shelf, try choosing one that can contain the maximum number of books for better functionality. You can also pair the study table and bookshelf with a suitable office chair to match the room’s decor. Again you get to choose whether you want a door for the bookshelf or not. Some may prefer opaque ones, but most people prefer glass doors that slide across for easy access. 

Finalise the Shape of the Bookshelf 

The latest models of bookshelves come in unanimous shapes and unexpected twists. It is time we get rid of the old patterns and adapt to new funky ones that catch everyone’s attention. Try the corner bookshelves if you don’t have enough space in the room or a lonely corner without any furniture. There are other different shapes like ladder styles, cubes, stair bookshelves etc. 


Buying a bookshelf online is all about getting the best one at the comfort of your own home. Starting from the special discounts, offers, festival deals, clearance sales etc., online platforms are the best ones compared to stores. You also have a larger variety than the ones displayed in the store. It is up to us to select the best one that adapts to our space. Bookshelves should be able to display your collection neatly and exhibit the aura of your home. So take your time and choose a good one for your home.