Thursday, June 13

Choosing Professional Asbestos Disposal Experts: Why It Matters 

Learning that you have asbestos in your building paints a grim picture. As a business owner, you may already be racking up the removal and asbestos disposal in Auckland bills in your head, figuring out alternative working premises for staff, and even trying to schedule inspections to approve the site. It can be a complicated and overwhelming situation, which can lead you to make rash decisions to get back up and running again.

In an attempt to save time and money, you may start thinking about bypassing asbestos regulations and laws by disposing of it yourself. Coupled with overconfident individuals online, you may feel as if it’s an easy task you can take on yourself.

However, we always urge our clients not to underestimate asbestos and the significant safety risks it can pose to themselves and others. At Industrial Demolition, not only are we a fully-fledged team of asbestos experts, but we are also compliant with disposal regulations in Auckland. We can assure you that it guarantees safe, reliable, and trusted results with every job. Call us today.

Here are some of the top reasons not to DIY a quick fix for a dangerous problem:

Issues In Expertise 

People often assume that simply watching a video or two online is sufficient to provide them with enough knowledge to execute a task. While this is a fair assumption for quick, easy tasks that pose no danger to yourself or others, disposing of asbestos is simply not the case. You require specialised equipment, industry knowledge, and training to do this in a safely and effectively. There is also more to asbestos removal and disposal than you realise; for example, it includes the identification of asbestos, containing it, removing it from the building, and then transporting it to a disposal site.

Lack of Industry Inexperience 

In conjunction with your lack of expertise in working with asbestos, you are likely also inexperienced with the standards of the industry. These include the correct protective wear to ensure you minimise exposure to your skin. But you are also likely not up to date with the latest information regarding training on how to contain or transport asbestos. There are specific techniques used in securing a site, finding asbestos, and removing it. Likewise, there are certain methods that need to be adhered to when disposing it. It is a lengthy, meticulous process that requires years of experience that cannot simply be attained by reading up on the topic online.

Non-Compliance Issues

There’s a reason that Auckland issues permits and regulations to professionals in our line of work. It is a hazardous, dangerous industry, and we work to the most stringent standards to ensure we are compliant with local government laws to continue doing so. By neglecting to hire professionals in an attempt to save a few dollars, you are doing more than putting yourself and your employees at risk. You are making yourself liable for future legal consequences of the state, and your employees too. You can fail building inspections, end up paying significant fines, or in some serious cases, even have to face a court.

If you do not remove or dispose asbestos correctly, there is a risk that its harmful microfibres will cause serious harm to anyone in and around the building premises, or where it has been dumped.

Impacting Operations 

When you choose to remove and dispose of asbestos yourself, you can impact your business in more ways than you realise. You can end up stalling operations because of how large a problem you have. You will need to get employees to take time off so that you can work on the building, and even risk losing members of your team to asbestos-related illnesses. Either way, you can end up with a loss of revenue as you halt the production line. But when you work with professionals like us at Industrial Demolition, you are ensuring that removal and disposal will be done efficiently so that you can get back to business quickly.

[CTA] Improper handling, inadequate equipment, and a lack of expertise will only cost you more in the long run, both from a health and business perspective. Rather, call us out at Industrial Demolition for our efficient services, guaranteed results, and affordable rates for asbestos disposal in Auckland. Contact us to schedule an appointment with us.