Monday, July 15

Top 5 Reasons To Invest In A UV Water Filtration System For Your Home

Clean, safe, drinkable water is becoming a high-value commodity in residential homes around the globe. Water is truly the essence of life, helping to sustain us in so many ways. We use it for almost everything, from consumption, to cooking and cleaning. And investing in a filtration system in Pukekohe will only increase the quality of the water in your home. 

At Onform Irrigation, one of our specialities includes installing and fitting filtration systems in your home to ensure that your collected rainwater is always ready to use. We use innovative UV (Ultra Violet) technology to decontaminate and clean your water, which you can enquire about here.

It’s a cost that will pay itself off in the years to come with the many benefits it can offer you and your loved ones. Below, we have listed the top 5 reasons to call us:

Minimal Maintenance Required 

Making your home more sustainable does not need to be overly complicated, and a UV water filtration system is a good place to start. There is no lengthy maintenance to adhere to, and installation is relatively quick with our professional service over at Onform Irrigation. The benefit of it being an easy, low-maintenance system is that you have more time and money on hand. With quick routine checks, you can have your system up and operational rather seamlessly.

Chemical-Free Consumption 

A UV filtration system is vastly superior to alternatives on the market because it is a complete chemical-free treatment of your water. What this means is that no chlorine or iodine is used to disinfect your water. While these methods are still useful today, they do lead to the consumption of these chemicals in your body. But a UV filtration system is less invasive, ensuring you do not drink these unnecessary additives. Additionally, water that filters outside is not a risk to flora and fauna. Chlorine and iodine can play havoc on our delicate ecosystems and lead to more environmental issues.

Additionally, by choosing a UV water filtration system, you are also ensuring that there are no harmful additives left behind in your water. The treatment is designed to clean water, meaning there are no by-products to worry about.

Fast-Acting Decontamination 

UV water filtration systems are growing in popularity in both the residential and commercial markets because they work quickly at decontaminating water. Their positioning of the UV light in the system works quickly to stop the growth and spread of bacteria and parasites in the water. This leads to them dying off and being unable to reproduce, resulting in more harmful infestations. Because this works directly at the source, you can rest easy knowing your rainwater is fresh, clean, and drinkable with no other interventions needed for you to consume it.

Natural Taste Preservation

By using rainwater in your home, you are decreasing your reliance on our other water sources in New Zealand. Your efforts towards a more sustainable, environmentally friendly planet are admirable, but that should not detract from the taste or enjoyment of your water either. Our gentle yet effective UV filtration system ensures that you can drink comfortably with no difference in taste or even odour. This technology preserves the natural makeup of water while disinfecting it safely.

Energy-Efficient Powerhouse 

Whereas traditional systems require more energy to pump out fresh, clean, drinkable water, UV filtration uses significantly less. It takes less power to operate efficiently than alternatives, works quickly, and essentially reduces its reliance on electricity to function. Not only will you lessen your reliance on other water sources, but you can also cut back on your energy bills at home with this system.

[CTA] UV water filtration systems in Pukekohe are highly versatile for almost any home. By investing in yours, you are not only safeguarding your family, but also making a sustainable choice. With our expertise, we can have you up and running quickly with our reliable services and friendly team. Call us today to find out more about our filtration system services in Pukekohe.