Saturday, May 25

Design Ideas for Maximizing Mountain Views

Minimalist Mountain Top Home Designed Around Panoramic Lake Views

Having a home in the mountains is a dream come true for anybody who has had enough of bustling cityscapes and noisy metropolises. It’s a wonderful way for families to find peace in a world filled with chaos and uncertainty, a haven from a busy post-industrial society

If you are building a home in an area with plenty of stunning mountain views and landscapes, you need to maximize it through proper design and framing. Your mountain views are only as good as the design of your home. Here is a step-by-step guide for how you can ensure that the views are framed properly.

Evaluate the land and property to find the most optimal orientation

You would most likely hire a team of designers to help build your home from the ground up. However, it can’t hurt to know the reasoning behind certain design decisions. The first on that list of decisions is how your house will be oriented so that you can enjoy the views fully. Evaluate the land, determine how you want to enter the house, and check the direction of the view that the land offers. And then that’s when you and your design team can determine the best possible floor plan that can accommodate the landscape the best.

The sizes, shapes, and designs of your windows will also depend largely on where your house will be built, so you need to see what vantage point your home will be in. It might be on a valley floor, a lakeside, or upon a hill, so you want to ensure that your design is most optimal for where the house is located so that the high-end, luxury feel is not compromised.

Incorporate spaces for physical activity

There is nothing like a breath of fresh air and breathtaking views of nature to motivate us to move our bodies and take care of our health through physical activity. Consider hiring a team of specialists that can help you install a basketball court or surface a sports court of any kind in your property. Having an area specifically for exercise will help you combat the temptation to be lethargic or lazy throughout the day, especially when you live in a mountainous area.

Windows, windows, windows

When it comes to designing a home with a view of the mountains, windows are a homeowner’s best friend. Do not skimp on this design feature; make sure they extend from the ceiling to the floor. Here are some specific design pointers depending on where the house is located:

  • If it’s on a valley floor, you may want to be strategic with your shape—a radial pattern that orients towards the mountains is your best bet for maximizing that view.
  • If the house is located on a hillside with gorgeous views of the shoreline, you would also want to opt for a low-to-the-floor type of windows. Consider forgoing the porch or a deck so that you have the feel of a window going directly to the edge of the water.
  • If you’re lucky enough to have a property with a 360-degree view rather than just a single one, you can opt for a design that maximizes panoramic views. Go for a glass window with a radial pattern that architecturally allows for a view that is more than just linear.
  • For a forest view, you can also sidestep a design style that only allows for a single-direction view. Invest in a great room that allows for glass windows from all sides so that you can create an illusion of being surrounded by greenery. Once again, consider foregoing a deck with railings and furnishings to ensure that nothing obstructs your view. A house in the forest will also benefit significantly from biophilic design.

Consider going the sustainable route

Because energy efficiency and sustainability complement nature the most, you might want to consider making your home as sustainable as possible. Having windows and skylights will help you save more on electricity bills. Investing in smart technology will help you ensure that your lighting is always optimal according to the sun’s coming and going. Nothing goes better with mountain views than an energy-efficient home.

We live in a time when our homes need to be a sanctuary—the pandemic taught us that. Look for a property that will allow you to enjoy nature, and design your home around the natural views in the area. You will never regret creating a haven and an escape away from the chaos of the world. Good luck!