Thursday, June 13

Dust covers to improve the life of the AR.

If you are a shooter and bought your AR for the first time, you must be thinking of buying an AR dust cover. After reading so many pros and cons on the web, you must be confused about whether to install an AR dust cover or not.

We can not expect a clean, dust-free environment that affects AR performance in the long run. There is an old age debate across the globe that AR’s need dust covers or not. But in reality, dusty environments affect AR’s, and dust covers can be a saver. Some people think that an AR cover can hamper accuracy.

Importance of dust cover on the AR

  • The dust cover helps in keeping the dust particles away from the AR. The covers are usually made up of steel material but are not much in weight. The usual weight of steel AR dust covers is around 1 Oz. So you don’t have to worry that the cover will increase the weight.
  • If you are not cleaning your rifle regularly, the dust accumulated on it even while lying in a case or box can hamper the performance. It can lead to choking or complete jam of the AR too.

AR dust cover is an expense for your safety and will cost you less than 30$ only.You can even get the dust cover customized as per your preference of colour. There are various options available on the web in different styles and costs. Buy one as per your affordability.

You can easily install a dust cover at your home without any expert training or guidance. Simply buy an AR dust cover and install it at home.

Steps to install AR dust cover:

If you are looking for steps for ar dust cover installation, don’t worry. It’s very simple and does not require any technical expertise. Some basic tools are required for the installation: a Needle Nose plier, a hammer, and a screwdriver.

You need a needle to remove the Clip from the AR. The needles are pointed ones, and they will not damage the finish of the AR while removing the C Clip. Place a tape around the area where you will be using the needle to avoid any scratches. Look for the C clip, and your ar dust cover install is done.

Functionality Checkup post dust cover installation:

Once the AR dust cover install is complete, you have to check the functionality of your rifle. The dust cover should be close enough and open up to the extent that it does not affect the gun’s functionality. The dust covers not only brings protection to the rifle; instead, it helps in personalizing it too.

Various sellers on the web sell the Ar dust covers of great style, colour, and quality. You can check the available options available on the web as per your AR, and select the one that suits your taste and budget and install it easily at home.