Saturday, July 13

Cricket betting tips and fantasy cricket match Predictions: County championship 2021

The county cricket is usually one place historically where players go to improve their skills and to get better at what they do. 

The pitches that assist swing bowling and the overhead conditions which are very suited for the swinging ball are always good for the bowlers to correct their length and the batsmen to correct their technique. We have seen bowlers and batsmen play for the county sides and then come up with better results for their international teams. 

The current season of the county championship is underway currently and the current season has been divided into 3 divisions. 

The division one has teams like Warwickshire, Nottinghamshire and Lancashire doing well as they hustle for positions on the points table. The second division has teams like Essex, Durham and Gloucestershire. 

The third division has teams like Middlesex, Leicestershire and Kent who are performing well currently. 

For those who are involved in the online cricket betting for this championship would be more interested in the players who are doing well and those who are performing well at this point of time. 

In terms of the batting performances, TJ Haines of Sussex has been doing the bulk of the scoring and is leading the charts in the competition. As far as the averages are concerned, we have the likes of Hashim Amla who has been a legend of the game and is currently batting at an average of 58 for Surrey and then there is Ollie Pope again for Surrey who is batting at a staggering average of 78. If you have a chance to pick these two up, you do not want to miss it. 

For Durham, DG Bedingham has been dominating the scoring charts as he has scored at an average of close to 61. 

As far as the bowlers are concerned, they are precious commodity in the game as they pick up more points here in the county championships. You have these bowlers who pick up loads of wickets in the test games and run through sides when the conditions favor them. This is what you would expect once again from them in the coming games. To run through sides at their will. 

The bowlers that have impressed so far are the likes of Kyle Abbott who have been terrific in their overall display. His average has been 21 as he has picked up 46 wickets in 11 games. His best figures were 6 for 44 and this is why picking up a bowler could be really handy. Imagine him as a captain of your team and picking up 6 wickets. You are loaded now. 

B Atchinson has been a star too for his team and picked up 34 wickets in just 13 games. He has bowled at an average of 23 and also has a 6-wicket haul as his best figures. More arguments on why you should pick bowlers. 

The county cricket has reached iconic status over the years and there is no way you can ignore it even in the world off T20 cricket leagues. This is the quintessential league and the formats may well be confusing but have a lot to give for the players who are looking to get better at their game and their overall work ethic 

It also gives an opportunity for the fantasy players to improve their performances in the dream11 game and be prize winners. 

County cricket has a cult following and players who are equipped to do well in multiple scenarios. You can keep getting better at it.