Saturday, July 13

Fashion and Self-expression

The things you wear say a lot about you. Not only is it a tool for formality (or non-formality) in different events or a measure of how decent you look overall, it can also be a form of self-expression to show your individuality and uniqueness. Fashion may forever be evolving, but your style will always have that hint of permanence that will show your personality and character each time, no matter how much your fashion choices change. So if you are someone looking to express your beautiful self through your clothes, here are some great tips that will show the real you.

Customize your clothes

One of the best ways to show your personality through your clothes is to customize them. The clothes you buy from a store will show some of your identity because you picked them yourself. But for some clothes that either grown away from your character or were not hand-picked by you, you can always tweak them to fit who you are as a person today.

There are many ways to customize clothes, like cutting them up, dyeing them, and adding a bunch of pins, patches, and embroideries to make them more interesting. You can even take clothes to a heat transfer supplier who can print your custom designs onto shirts, pants, hats, and shoes.

Don’t be afraid to experiment

If you still haven’t found your own style, experimenting with your clothes should be the first step to expressing who you truly are. Experimenting with clothes means trying out styles that you don’t normally wear. You can mix and match pieces with different vibes to create something unique.

You can play contrasting ideas like minimalism and extravagance, gothic and preppy, and many more. But in this task, you’d have to trust your eye for fashion to guide you towards your true style. It is normal to not feel so confident with these experimental clothes at first, but once you know what suits you, you will slowly see your personality coming out from these pieces themselves.

Know your color

Colors are also important in your style choices as some colors suit some people more than others. Yes, it has a bit to do with your undertones but more about your aura. Colors reflect different energies, so finding those that blend well with your aura (and undertones) will help you wear better clothes that suit your personality.

Find your fashion inspiration

Fashion will always be referential. It can reference a specific period, political movements, person, and many others. Here, you can look at the people you admire and emulate their style, which can reference your own personality. You can look at celebrities, pop stars, fashion designers, figures of authority, historical names, and even fictional characters who you think embody your identity through their clothes.

Or look no further than your role models in life like your parents or grandparents, as they might have the same sense of style as you. But whoever you find, put your unique twist to the style. It wouldn’t be yours if you copied everything.

Confidence is key

Last and probably the most important is the confidence you carry yourself with. Most people cannot wear their preferred clothes daily due to work or financial reasons, so some will be forced to wear things that don’t mesh well with their style choices. But even though clothes really can affect people’s self-esteem, the mind is still more powerful than how much we give it credit for. Confidence is the key to feeling good in anything you wear.

When you achieve that confidence level, you can stand out, shine, and be happy, no matter what you are wearing. You will find that your clothes are merely extensions of you and do not define you entirely. But finding that confidence may be easier said than done as it may take a long time to get rid of our personal insecurities.

With these, you should be a step closer to revealing your inner self to the world. But there are still other things to play with apart from clothes. You have your hair and makeup to match your clothing pieces. There are your friends who also reflect your style in one way or another and your personality that comes out through your words and actions, which is by far the most important of all. It is good to match your clothes with your identity to achieve harmony in your self-expression.