Saturday, April 20

How to Swing a Golf Iron

It doesn’t matter whether you have been playing for years or only picked up the game yesterday – knowing the proper form to swing a golf club is imperative. More importantly, hitting an iron shot is one of the most fundamental aspects of your golf game. You can hit the ball as far as possible with your driver and have it land in a perfect spot on the fairway, but if you can’t follow that shot with an iron that lands on or within short distance to the green than your game will always be limited. Let’s take a closer look at how to swing a golf iron and hit the sweet spot on every shot.

Don’t Be Afraid of a Divot

While a divot is usually frowned on amongst avid golfers, don’t be afraid of it when hitting an iron shot as long as it is in front of where you hit the ball and not behind it. In other words, when you hit an iron shot you should hit the ball first and then the ground. A divot in front of where the ball was struck indicates that you fully lofted the ball into the air helping to ensure that it lands softly on the green.

Take a Full Swing

Assuming that you have a solid shot off the tee, it can be tempting to assume that you don’t need a full swing with your iron since you don’t need to hit the ball as far; however, this is simply not true. A full swing on an iron shot helps ensure that it has the loft and height needed to land softly on the green.

Watch Your Posture

It may sound simple, but good posture can make even the worst golfers mediocre. Similar to other shots, when hitting an iron keep your back straight with a slight tilt forward to the shoulders. Bend your back slightly forward to reach the ball and keep a slight bend in your knees to provide the power needed to drive the ball. Additionally, maintaining space between your arms and body is key to a successful iron swing. Try to maintain a hand width of space when lining up for every shot. Standing too far away from the ball or too close can result in a costly mis-hit.

Armed with this information, now is the time to hit the driving range to really perfect your iron shot. Practice makes perfect and stimulating shots that you are likely to hit during competitive or casual play is the best way to improve your golf game.