Sunday, April 21

What are Some Thoughtful Gifts for Valentine’s?

You’ve got your flowers and chocolates ready for the upcoming Valentine’s Day, but how do you make it even more special? Of course, there should be a sweet card in addition to valentine flowers Singapore and chocolate bouquet Singapore. Well, we believe that it could be even better! You only get one chance to give your loved one a gift on their birthday, so why not get them another gift for Valentine’s Day? If your love language is gift-giving, you surely love this idea. We have gathered some simple and classic gift ideas and unique ones that you can choose from! What your partner is going to see isn’t simply things packed in a pretty package, covered in flowers and chocolates. They will see how many thoughts you put into this beautiful gift, and they will surely enjoy it! What about DIY ideas? That could be a great addition as well! You don’t have to choose between these ideas if you can give them all. Scroll down below to find out what you can get your partner on the upcoming February 14!

A Speaker

Music is enjoyable for everyone, but if your partner loves music so much, why not give him or her a new speaker? If they already have one in the room, a Bluetooth shower speaker can be a thoughtful gift as well. This gift would boost your partner’s mood every day as they sing in the shower every morning!

Shoulder Massager

For your hard-working partner, a shoulder massager would be an amazing gift. Get one that has heated features in addition to shoulder and back rubs. Can you imagine your partner going home after a tiring day of work and your gift is ready to massage their deep muscles? The best part is, you can always use that gift yourself! After all, you have been doing all the hard work of finding the best gifts!

Coffee Stuff

If your partner loves its morning coffee so much, the best thing you can get them is an espresso maker with milk frother. A cup of latte coming right up every morning, in their kitchen? That’s a dream! An alternative is to get him his favorite pre-ground coffee from his favorite roasters! You can also get ones that you think he might like; make sure you know which coffee he prefers: arabica or robusta, and is he a more nutty or fruity kind of guy? Moreover, you can also get some coffee cups or tumblers (which can be personalized!), so whenever they enjoy their coffee in the morning, they will be thinking of you!

Wearable Blanket

Hugs are comforting, yes, but we are talking about a huge soft wearable blanket here. This is a great gift for your partner to maximize their comfort at home. We have all been staying at home a lot, so why not add these blankets to improve quarantine comfort? Comfortable blankets are the most comfortable way to hang out at home. This is a great gift idea, and because they can be machine washed, they are super easy to care for. You and your partner may always be cold, so no matter what time of year, a wearable blanket is the solution! A blanket and a sweatshirt in one, what can be even comfier than that?

Polaroid Printer

With a small enough size to fit in a purse for traveling, this printer lets you print mini photos right from your phone! This is even better than a regular polaroid as you can pick and customize your photos before you print them. There are features such as stickers, filters, and collages to add more cuteness to the photos. This gift can be an amazing way to capture the moments you are together in a physical paper right away!

Premium Beef

Yes, you read it right. Cook your partner a top-of-the-class steak dinner with premium beef. Cook in front of your partner and ask them how they would like the beef. Make the side dish and mashed potato beforehand so your partner won’t have to wait long enough to enjoy the steak dinner. This is very personalized and romantic, especially if you add some valentines flowers Singapore and chocolate bouquet Singapore with wine. Such a perfect pairing! An alternative to this is simply getting your guy a jerky bouquet, which a guy should be very happy to receive.

Fill the Bar

There are many gift ideas for those who appreciate alcohol, from bottles of wine and scotch glasses to engraved decanter. Wine hampers are a classy and sophisticated gift. Decanter would also be a great addition for guys who have their bar. It could be diamond-shaped or engraved. Whether he chooses to sort a bottle of whiskey from the well or show off what is on the top shelf, every time he pours a glass, he will be proud of your great gift. For your man, this is the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. If you want to give him an idea for a decanter but want to see more options, there are some more excellent personalized decanter options. No one likes watered-down beverages, which makes wine stones or whiskey stones–depending on what your partner prefers–an amazing gift. They could also be personalized! You’ll make sure that every sip they get is chilled without diluting its amazing taste.

Those are 7 thoughtful ideas that you could give your partner. When Valentine’s Day comes, you will surely have no trouble impressing that special someone with these gifts full of thoughts. When valentines flowers Singapore and chocolate bouquet Singapore are very much appreciated and romantic, these are next level gifts that show your partner that you are thinking outside the box to make them the happiest person on February 14. One last tip to make the day even memorable: breakfast in bed. The key to anyone’s heart, right before you give them these thoughtful gifts you have chosen with care and love!