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How to play Domino qq online gambling on the pokervServer

Dominoqq game or it can also be called dominoqq is a game that is well known in many countries, especially in Indonesia. This game is very interested by many people from various circles. This game is very easy, only relying on hockey and tricks in playing it. This domino game is a game that is played using 1 set of dominoes. In 1 domino card set there are 28 cards, each of which has a different value. The card with the highest value combination is the card that comes out as the winner.

Tips and Tricks in Playing Dominoqq Online Gambling

Bringing Large enough

Capital Make sure the capital you use is large enough to play at this Dominoqq game table, because in playing this domino game also have to be able to bluff. So if the card is pretty good, you can raise the bet and make opponents who carry mediocre capital and have a bad card to be scared and fold.

Playing Fold

In playing Dominoqq at situs judi qq online terpercaya, there are also to know when the cards and when you have to bet. If the card that appears in the first round is card 9 then you can raise the bet and if it’s below it would be better if you fold. By doing fold, you will only spend the same amount as the blind table you choose.

Playing Moving Tables

To start playing at Dominoqq it would be better if you start by playing at a small table first and then proceed to the big table. If at one table you lose in a row then don’t be forced to play at that table, try moving to another table.


In playing Dominoqqyou have to focus on playing. Create a comfortable atmosphere and focus on your game so you can find out and learn the card odds that will come out.

That’s the way to play Dominoqq that you can learn. Hopefully this is useful for all of you.

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