Saturday, July 13

Monitoring Your Employees’ Online Activity Is Essential in today’s Age

In today’s age, employee monitoring has become essential. No employer can expect their employees to perform their tasks effectively without any supervision. If you want to keep your employees on their toes and want them to produce excellent work, then you need to monitor their activities in several different ways.

Employers and team leaders should actively monitor their employees in the workplace in different ways to make sure high performers are rewarded for their good performance and low performers are disciplined and motivated enough to perform better work.

When you monitor your employees, you can identify the areas where your employees are wasting time during office hours and whether or not they are misusing the company’s resources. If you have handed over company-owned devices to your employees, you can install employee monitoring software on them. For instance, if they are using a company-owned smartphone, you can install iPhone or Android spy software ontheir phone and track their activities.

With the right employee monitoring software, you can filter and block inappropriate and unsuitable websites on your employees’ computers and smartphones. It should be the goal of every effective employer to successfully monitor their employees without causing any offense or disturbance to them.

Here’s how you can effectively and successfully monitor your employees in the workplace:

Choose the Right Monitoring Software

Before you can think of monitoring your employee’s internet activity, you need to choose the right employee monitoring software. Several monitoring apps are available in the market but not all of them are effective.

It is important to choose the employee monitoring tool that lets you track all the smartphone and computer activities of your employees. A good employee monitoring app can be installed on your employee’s device and monitor all the activities taking place on it.

Employee monitoring apps can track all the sites and apps your employees are using. It can track their phone calls, text messages, emails, internet browsing activity, social media activity, as well as their GPS location.

Block Inappropriate or Harmful Websites

Employers have the full right to track what websites and apps their employees are using. They can filter and block the websites and apps that they deem unimportant, harmful, and unsuitable for business operations.

Some websites, including social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter are purposely blocked by employers in the workplace to prevent employees from using them during office hours.

Blocking social media apps is important if you want your employees to remain productive and focus only on their work-related tasks. Most social media apps distract employees from their work and prevent them from paying attention to their jobs. That is why employers block such sites in the workplace.

Sometimes, employers also block harmful and pornographic sites on the employees’ devices to prevent them from getting distracted during work. There are several Android spy and iPhone spy apps that allow employers to set time limits on some sites and apps. For instance, they can set a particular amount of time every day on a social media app.

If you come across your employee visiting a website that is not related to their work or using an app that is unsuitable, you need to filter and block that website and app and then send out an email to your employee reminding them that they are using those sites and apps during office hours.

Monitor Employee’s Email

It is important that employers monitor their employees’ work emails. All employers should monitor their employee’s emails and see what sort of conversations they are having with others. Employers can also track their employees’ instant chats and text messages and find out who they are chatting with and what sort of chats they are exchanging with others.

However, before reading any employee emails and chats, it is important to notify employees of the company policy that allows employers to track their correspondence. When employees know that it is the company’s policy to track their work emails and chats then they would not feel offended and allow employers to continue with monitoring.

Monitoring employee email is essential to rule out the suspicion that they are exchanging the company’s private data with outsiders including the company’s competitors or third-parties. Most employees expose the company’s confidential data to others in exchange for monetary benefit from them.

To detect fraudulent employees, it is important to track their emails and chats that they have during office hours. That way employers can stay alert of dishonest employees (if any) in the workplace and get them fired. Data breaches can only be prevented if you monitor your employees’ emails regularly and stay updated on their activities.

Comply with the Law

Each country follows different laws and regulations regarding employee monitoring. In some countries, it is legal to monitor employees without them knowing. However, in some countries, every company needs to inform their employees before monitoring their activities.

It is important to know about your company’s laws and regulations about employee monitoring. Also, it is better to check with your employment lawyer before deploying employee monitoring software on your employee’s device.

Your employees should be aware of employee monitoring being installed on their device. They should understand the use of the employee monitoring software and know the purpose behind installing it on their device.

Once they understand that employee monitoring software is only installed to prevent data breaches in the company and not to invade their personal privacy then they would not interfere in the process and allow employers to track their activities. Employee monitoring is legal as long as employers are not monitoring their employees during off hours and not tracking their personal devices.