Friday, June 21

Quit Smoking with These Cigarette Alternatives

It’s a popular New Years’ tradition to take the plunge and stop smoking, seeing in the year tobacco-free and on the path to a healthier happier you. However, less than 1 in 10 Americans actually commit to quitting successfully.

We all know the risk it poses to not only our health but others around us, yet it’s something we continue to partake in. It’s true, it’s not an easy process to tame those nicotine cravings, but with so many cigarette alternatives available it’s easier now than ever before when you find what works for you.

Want to know some of the best ways to quit smoking? Be sure to keep reading to find out more.

Nicotine Patch

The most common type of cigarette alternative, patches have existed since the mid-nineteen eighties and were widely used to help people all over the world quit smoking. Like a band-aid, the patch is placed onto the skin and the nicotine is released over time to satisfy the cravings.

However, it’s not instant and can take several hours to reach a comfortable level in the bloodstream.

Chewing Gum

Like the patch, the idea of chewing nicotine-producing gum is to release it into the tissues in your mouth instead of through the skin. For more dependable smokers, the gum is a better cigarette alternative than patches due to its higher dose.


One of the more popular forms of curbing a smoking addiction is through the use of E-Cigarettes. Mimicking the motion of smoking can be a great placebo effect and vaping, in general, is less harmful than tobacco.

It not only looks better than holding a cigarette, but it also smells better too. Although, there are several vaping mistakes to consider and avoid if you intend to choose E-Cigarettes as a form of quitting.

Avoid Triggers

Your surroundings can cause smoking triggers to occur quickly when it’s familiar territory. If you find yourself in a party environment or missing something in your hand with your morning coffee, it’s a good idea to recognize this beforehand to put something in place as a distraction.

Try doodling on paper, just having a pen in your hand will interrupt the need for smoking. Go into it with a positive attitude and a want to be successful.

Support Networks

Attending support networks either in person or online is a great factor in helping you quit smoking for good. Knowing other people are going through the same withdrawal symptoms as you can be comforting, and reassuring that you’re not alone in your tobacco-free journey.

Ready to Quit Smoking and Start Using Cigarette Alternatives?

There isn’t one ultimate way to quit smoking as we all deal with addiction differently. Some can stop cold turkey and rely solely on willpower and sheer determination, whilst others need that extra helping hand when it comes to cigarette alternatives.

The nicotine craving and need to smoke doesn’t last long, stay determined to push through it until it passes and kick the habit for good.

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