Sunday, May 19

Sexpert Kim Anami: ‘Sexual Energy Is Natural’

In a recent conversation with “Inspirational Creatives” podcast host Bob Lawrence , holistic sex and relationship coach Kim Anami spoke about her work and philosophies on sexual energy and healing.

In addition to her online salons, including Vaginal Kung Fu, How to Be a Well-F–ked Woman, Coming Together for Couples, and Sexual Mastery for Men, Anami holds in-person retreats in locations like Bali and Mexico to help people rediscover intimacy’s role in their lives. “Sexual energy is such a natural, powerful energy that being in places like that really helps people to tune into their own natural rhythms and energy,” Anami said.

During the episode, Anami discussed her views on sexual energy, which developed through her personal experiences and study of Tantric and Taoist philosophies. While learning about those ancient practices, Anami said she discovered parallels to her journey of sexual discovery.

“I realized that there had been these cultures, thousands of years ago, who had, in the same way, placed great priority on having sexual experiences as gateways to higher states of consciousness and to become more of who you are,” Anami said. “Their philosophies reflected what I was already discovering on my own.”

‘You Can Feel Sexually Open’

Compared to the modern view of sex, which often heavily stigmatizes sex, Anami said these ancient teachings describe sex as a kind of medicine. She explained that she appreciates how this view of sex is valued for its health benefits, which are as natural as any herbs or other remedy. “What I love is that they really recognize that sexual energy was divorced from any kind of moral view. It was really this powerful energy that we needed to tap into,” Anami said.

Anami argues that many people are afraid or intimidated by their sexual energy — partly because they’ve never been trained to use it. “It’s such a powerful energy that people can get

overwhelmed with it,” she said. For Anami, learning about sexuality was intuitive, and it later translated into teaching about it.

She said some of her most significant transformations have come during periods of sexual exploration, and she imparts the importance of sex in all relationships. “If you’re cultivating and working on this space where you can feel emotionally open and sexually open, that’s key to really tapping into this power,” Anami said. She revealed that when couples can harness this power, it can be restorative. “You use that energy to heal each other.”


‘The Body as a Sexual Metaphor’


Although Anami often focuses on the power that comes from committed relationships, she said such power isn’t reserved for couples. “It’s really important that people, when they are single, they still have ways to tap into that energy.”

In her work, Kim Anami said she strives to move past the mental and physical blocks holding people back sexually and emotionally. “I’m not just giving people Band-Aids to temporarily alleviate something. I’m looking at the deepest possible cause and then taking it a level deeper.”

By pinpointing the cultural and personal barriers that people are facing, Anami helps them find deeper meaning in and out of the bedroom. “I use the body as this sexual metaphor to really extend out into life.”