Sunday, April 21

Simple Steps to Aging Gracefully and Healthily

Aging Well -

We usually say that life begins at 40, but the truth is that society doesn’t particularly treat growing older as something positive. Ageism is far too rampant, even on exacting discrimination on ourselves whenever we get older. But we should celebrate growing older, change our mindset, and enjoy life no matter how young or old we are.

Changing the Age Mindset

We need to stop thinking that aging is something negative. It’s a natural part of life that we’ll all eventually get to. We’ll be wiser, filled with experience, and rich with memories. Instead of treating it like a punishment, we should embrace it. We’ll enjoy the remainder of our lives better than if we treat it like being past 45 is a bad thing. However it’s critical to understand that to truly enjoy old age, you need to take care of yourself first. Here’s how you can achieve that.

Taking Care of Health

An unavoidable reality that comes with aging is the natural weakening of the body. It shouldn’t be a reason to stop enjoying life, however. You simply need to be smarter and more aware of your own health. Here are a few tips to help you out.

Take Care of Your Brain. Elderly people are often very concerned with keeping their wits sharp. Cases of being forgetful are pretty common after all. But a good way to keep the brain active is to keep reading or learn a new skill entirely. However, should those “senior moments” become excessive, a trip to your doctor is due.

Take Care of Your Bones. As we age, our bones become brittle as it loses mass and density. Keeping bone health unchecked can lead to a propensity to broken bones or even osteoporosis. While osteoporosis is common amongst women, it can happen with men too. A diet rich in vitamin D and calcium can help prevent bone loss, of course, on top of regular loaded or weight-bearing exercise.

Take Care of Your Heart. High blood pressure is another problem that’s far too common among the older populace. The aging body tends to gather a considerable amount of fatty deposits that end up blocking the arteries, reducing the flow of blood towards the heart. This then results in an increased risk of a heart attack. Regular and appropriately-scaled cardiovascular exercise, along with a diverse and healthy diet helps reduce the chances of heart problems.

Take Care of Your Muscles. Just like the bones, the muscles suffer a reduction in density and strength because of old age. Interestingly enough, the solution to this is to exercise even more! Old age isn’t a reason to stop lifting weights, it’s actually all the more reason to do so. It helps keep the muscle from atrophying and maintains its strength and mass.

Stay Social

We often use the phrase “old hermit” to describe an elderly who infrequently goes out. And it’s hard to argue against that: older people do tend to choose who they socialize with. But socializing and connecting with people is a human need, and it’s highly beneficial to maintain friendships or even make new ones.

Life becomes less boring when you have people to share it with, and friends help you enjoy it. Having someone to reminisce with, or making friends with younger people see what’s new and trendy- these things help you live your life to the fullest.

Prepare for the Future

It’s hard to discuss, but talking about what lies in the future is very important to make the most of today. This includes considering staying at an assisted living facility, having emergency hospital arrangements in case of health problems, or even arranging your will. When you’ve prepared these concerns, you can live your day-to-day life comfortably as there’s very little you need to worry about. Your future is solid, and you have contingency plans should anything arise.

Enjoy Your Hobbies, or Find a New One

We should never lose the value of playing. It’s what keeps us young, mentally and physically. Having fun doesn’t choose any age, and you can do so by continuously enjoying your hobby or learning an entirely new one. Passing the time when you’re retired can prove difficult if you’ve nothing to be busy with. A hobby keeps you and your brain occupied, always thinking and always enjoying your precious life.

Lastly, Travel When You Can

If possible, travel! Travelling allows you to make new memories. It shows you how beautiful the world that we live in is, and it exposes you to a wide variety of people you otherwise would not have met. Traveling is a great way to exercise, socialize, and keep your brain sharp. Don’t stop traveling just because you’re older, it’s one of the best ways to “live life to the fullest”.