Friday, June 21

The Truth About Phone Cases: Do They Really Protect Your Device?

It’s estimated that over fifty million screens crack every year. That’s almost thirty billion dollars in electronic devices.

You may know someone in your life confident enough to have their phone out there in the world without a case. It may even be you!

With smartphones being manufactured to withstand more impacts than ever, the question remains, “Do cases really protect your phone?” We are going to explore whether or not you really need a case on your phone in 2022. So, keep reading!

Do Cases Really Protect Your Phone?

Smartphones can be finicky with surviving drops or not. There is proof of one surviving a fall of eleven thousand feet from an airplane. Other times, you can drop it from only a few feet and have a cracked screen.

While some people feel safer having an extra layer of protection on their expensive device, how protective the case is depends on a few different factors. Let’s take a look.


There is a range of different materials that phone cases are made of these days. You may be more interested in the design of a phone case for your esthetic. However, the most important factor for phone protection is the material.

Plastic and silicone are examples of materials that really can add a layer of protection. Plastic has many different varieties now and each offers a different level of security.

TPU and PC are types of plastic that are durable with great impact resistance. A bonus is that they are also extremely affordable. The UB Pro Mag is an example of a phone case that includes both of those plastics.

Silicone phone cases have many wonderful benefits. If you’ve ever wondered, “Do phone cases absorb shock?” The silicone case is your answer. This flexible material absorbs vibrations and also gives you a better grip on your phone.


Your lifestyle should affect your phone case choice. If you have children and are often moving from one place to the next, you want as durable a material as you can get. If you’re child-less and work from home, you might feel safe enough to rely more on design than functionality.

Case or No Case Then?

So, do cases really protect your phone? Cases definitely do add a layer of protection that your phone doesn’t normally have. While companies are spending millions of dollars trying to make their smartphones drop-proof, there are still record numbers of broken phones and cracked screens.

Maybe you find yourself to be a more clumsy person with higher chances of dropping your phone more often. Maybe you think you have great grip strength and have never once dropped your phone. Either way, they’re called accidents for a reason. It’s up to you how prepared you want to be.

Hopefully, this has helped you to make a confident decision. For more information like this check out our other tech blog posts!