Sunday, April 21

Top 5 Reasons Why the Remote Workplace Without Visibility is a Risk in 2021

After the Covid-19 Pandemic surged, a lot of workforces decided to transfer their setup to the work from home concept. Many of the companies thought of it as a short or you can say temporary solution. But, with no improvement in the situation, this short-term or temporary solution might take a permanent role.

Working from home in your comfort setting is indeed much easier and more preferred rather than a strict office setting. However, remote working has proved to be a bit of failure for many people. These people have always and still preferred to work from the office setting.

The employers too feel a lot more anxious and stressed out about the work being done by the employees from their homes as they are not physically present to guide or see them.

Let us take a look at some problems which make remote working a not so preferred option even amidst the pandemic.

Reasons for the Failure of Remote Working

  1. It seems impossible to stop – When you are working from home it seems more impossible to stop the work given to you. In a proper office setting, we all have a definite time at which we enter and leave the premises. After leaving the premises the life and time is all ours!

However, when you work from home it seems impossible to draw a line between your workplace and your personal space. One always has the tension to just do something even if they do not have to.

Moreover, one has guilt that since he/she is working from home they must do something. This is just to clear their conscience that even though the boss is not watching they have to work and stay busy. You might help yourself out of this by asking one of your friends or your partner to bug you when it is time for you to stay away from tasks.

  1. Communication Gaps Prevail – When working from home a lot of employees feel disconnected from their employer and away from one another. The communication between them stops and this creates the feeling of loneliness.

Thus, the best way to do away with this is a tip to all employers. The tip is to take out some time for either a group WhatsApp Chat or a Zoom video call session. This would make the employees feel connected with their employer.

  1. Issues related to Technology – If you are working remotely then you do have to care about the technological setup you have and if it is quite efficient. Check that your battery is full and that your router is powerful. Or else you might experience problems in meetings and calls.
  1. High chances of Procrastination and Distraction – The boss might have given you some important work and a certain limit to complete it. However, you just procrastinate about it and get carried away by an episode on Netflix.

This is a high drawback of remote working. The employer does not exactly know what his/her employees are doing. The distractions at home are much higher and thus, deteriorate the work of the individual.

  1. Slow Working Speed – With the employees sitting at home they have a thousand of other works to do and also a huge number of distractions. This ultimately highly affects the working speed of an employee.

They work much slower than they work at the office. This might also lead to boredom for them.

Thus, these were some basic problems that prevail when we work remotely. However, if handled effectively it might save the company. Also, your remote team members may drift away, and it might create a large issue. Hence, from the starting keep a check on their productivity levels and tasks.

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