Sunday, May 19

Top Characteristics You Need to Become a Successful Investor

Investing is a game of risks and returns but it’s one of the best ways to grow your money. When it comes to investing, good financial education and an entrepreneurial spirit are necessary in order to start off on the right foot. Aside from the financial knowledge about creating assets and increasing your income, there are 6 traits that will enable an investor to stay ahead of the game. 

Below are 6 characteristics and traits you should possess in order to achieve success as an investor. 

A Good Goal Setter and Planner

A good investor should have a goal and a plan. Goals allow you to focus on what really matters while a proper plan guides you in choosing the right investment opportunity that fits your personality, your needs, and your goals.

For example, your goal is to have passive income through investing in properties, and triple what you make through your monthly earned income. Naturally, you would want to look at the best cities for real estate investors to invest in to find the ideal place for you. Then you have to come up with a plan that will allow you to efficiently reach your goals. 

By efficiently, this means a way that’s most convenient and effective. For example, your goal is to invest in a property located in L.A or Baltimore. You should plan every detail from where you’d take the money from up, the expenses, up to when you plan to take profits. Would it be better to get the money from your savings or borrow the money from a reliable mortgage lender for better funding? 

Goal setting and planning will help you prepare for all kinds of scenarios that you might encounter and will help you make better investment decisions. 

Hungry for Knowledge

Data or knowledge is power. All successful investors are knowledgeable about their field and how the state of the economy impacts their investments. 

Investors and entrepreneurs both spend their days evaluating options and making decisions. The right decisions are achieved by having the right data where you can get insights that will help you make your choice. 

As an investor, you’re going to decide which projects you’re going to invest your money in as well as which assets will benefit you the most. The ability to learn about new information and the passion for absorbing data will help you gain more confidence in making the right choices.

When it comes to investing, you can’t rely on the information you get from other people or the media. Those are just some data points that you can consider on top of many data points taken from more reliable sources. 

The more confident you are about a subject matter or a market, the more successful you’ll become.   


There’s no easy way to succeed. You will always encounter ups and downs, not to mention there will be a lot of sacrifices involved. In order to be a successful investor, you have to be determined to reach your goals. You have to be able to leave distractions behind in order to stay on track. 


Investing has a lot to do with patience. Being patient will allow you to be less emotional and will get rid of any mistakes that you might make in your investing endeavors. One of the most detrimental traits that you could possess as an investor is being emotional. 

There are two emotions that are deadly to an investor which is fear and greed. These two can overpower any logical decision you might have previously made and land you in less than pleasant results.

So, trust yourself and be patient. Wealth isn’t built overnight.


Always keep your eye on your goals. The determination to be successful is a good trait however, take note not to be greedy and fall for any distractions. 

As an investor, you will encounter many potential investment opportunities. However, train yourself to keep your eye on the ball and stick to the plan. Success will only be possible once you have a solid focus on your goals.

Ability to Stay Calm Under Pressure

The world of business, finance, and investments is far from peaceful. There will be instances where the market will crash or a stock price will go down and you’ll find other investors scurrying to exit the market or liquidate their assets. 

In these situations, being calm is the best thing to do. If you know everything there is to know about your investment then trust that you’re going to do the right thing in chaotic instances like the ones mentioned above. 

Trust Yourself

There are risks in investing but in knowing yourself, your weaknesses, and your strengths, you will gain the insight to detect these risks before they can do you any harm. 

Having the characteristics above will help you make the right decisions and stay level-headed in crucial situations, ultimately enabling you to reach your goals and build your wealth.