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How Much Are Custom Car Rims Really?

If you want to improve the looks of your car, one of the best actions you can take is to upgrade your rims.

There are a variety of ways to improve your rims. Whether you decide to get ones with a new finish or go for custom car rims, you can transform the way your car looks, and you do not necessarily have to pay an exorbitant amount of money either.

Here is a quick guide on the different upgrades you can get, so you can choose the best car rims for you.

Car Rim Types

There are three basic types of car rims: steel, alloy, and chrome.

Each rim has its benefits and downsides, so you’ll have to consider which type best suits your budget and needs.

Steel Rims

Steel rims are the most budget-friendly option you can get. The average steel rim costs around $90-$100, depending on factors such as size and style.

They are durable but extremely heavy, which can impact the handling and fuel economy of your car. They also do not dissipate heat, potentially damaging your car’s brakes.

Alloy Rims

While alloy rims are more expensive, they are relatively lightweight, can manage heat, and can handle a heavy braking load. They are made from a combination of different metals to improve performance and longevity. However, they are less durable than steel and are prone to damage.

They come with a variety of finishes, including powder-coated and paint-coated. Because of this, you can have just about any car rim color with alloy.

Alloy rims cost an average of $110-$130 per rim, but depending on the finish you choose, that price can increase by a couple of hundred dollars.

Chrome-Plated Rims

Chrome-plated rims are mostly seen on luxury cars.

These rims are expensive, costing an average of $150-$290 per rim. These types of rims do not actually improve the performance of cars much, but they can prevent oxidation from occurring.

How to Install Car Rims

To install car rims, make sure you have a car jack, appropriately sized socket wrench, tire lever or crowbar, and air compressor.

Use the car jack to lift each tire as you work on it. Release all the air pressure in the old tire and use the socket wrenches to release the old rim from the tire.

After this, pry the old rim out and put the new ones in. Use the socket wrench with the provided bolts to attach the new rims to the tires. Make sure each rim is snug before reinflating the tires, and do a low-speed test drive to make sure the rims have been installed correctly.

How to Get New Car Rims

There are two main options to buy new rims: aftermarket or directly from the manufacturer (OEM).

Purchasing aftermarket can get you access to better discounts and a wider variety of styles when you buy from a reputable dealer. You can even purchase aftermarket online through sites such as

If you do not want to purchase aftermarket, you can buy OEM. This option is more expensive, but OEM rims go through more rigorous safety testing and regulations.

You can also buy rims from a car dealership, but this is not recommended. It is not unusual for dealerships to overcharge for upgraded rims, and you can usually find the same rims for cheaper, even if you purchase them from an OEM.

Factors That Affect Cost

You can get a new set of rims for as low as $90 or higher than $1000, depending on their material, design, and size.

Rims that are custom will be more expensive, as will rims for older cars that need to be specially ordered.

Custom car rims can sometimes cost tens of thousands of dollars since you will also have to pay for the hours of crafting and the amount of forging that may be necessary. Adding custom artwork will add about $75-$80 per rim if you are using professional services.

Choosing Between Aftermarket and Custom Car Rims

Upgrading your car rims can be simple, and it doesn’t have to break the bank either. Whether you buy alloy or chrome, aftermarket or custom car rims, you can have quality-looking rims that will transform the appearance of your car.

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