Friday, June 21

Trying local pizzas in Montreal: A quick guide!

The province of Quebec in Canada is known for many things, including food. If you are in Montreal, you should definitely go on a local outing to try some of the best pizzas in Canada. Montreal is every foodie’s ultimate delight, and the number of pizzerias in the city and around is quite astonishing. Some of the local places, such as Double Pizza Montreal delivery, have been around for years. In this post, we are sharing more on the types of pizzas you must try and all about visiting local pizzerias. 

The hype of local pizzerias

There are many local chains and pizzerias in Montreal, as we mentioned earlier, besides the standard popular chains. There is a reason why some of these local outlets stand out. Firstly, these places have love for the craft of pizza making, and they do their best to retain the local flavors and taste. Also, the ingredients are often freshly sourced, including the mozzarella cheese curds. The dough is baked right there, and you can feel the taste of authentic pizza in every bite. The local pizza places also have signature dishes, and that’s one of the key reasons why you should try what doesn’t seem like a regular option. Experimenting with pizzas in Montreal, or rather the whole of province of Quebec, is quite an experience. 

Pizzas to try

Local pizzerias have many options that are worth trying, but some of the Canadian pizzas definitely deserve a mention. The first one is Pictou County pizza, which has origins in Nova Scotia and is known for its brown sauce that’s quite in contrast with the standard red tomato sauce. There is also the Hawaiian pizza, which is all about ham and pineapple, with loads of mozzarella cheese. If you are keen on a recipe that originated in Quebec, do try the Pizza-ghetti, which is known for its mix of pizza and spaghetti with tomato sauce. Windsor style-pizza, which is from Ontario, is among the other popular choices known for using shredded pepperoni. The Windsor style-pizza is such that you can taste the toppings in every bite, and the toppings are always over the cheese. 

Many pizza options in Montreal do have outlets, and while you can always try eating out, go for delivery and get some chilled beer delivered on the side. Pizza with loads of cheese and extra sides is all you need for a cool Saturday evening.