Sunday, April 21

Tying the Knot: Can Cheaper Weddings Save Marriages?

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People have different views when it comes to marriages. Some think such formalities are no longer necessary and inconvenient, especially now that we live in the modern world. Others believe in the sanctuary of marriage, thinking this is the best proof of their love for their partners. This is why when they set the date and everything, they make sure to splurge on the occasion.

How Millennials Are Changing Weddings

Millennials are known to break many stereotypes, including how they approach weddings. Studies show that millennials are postponing marriage. One reason to blame is their poor finances.

They want to settle, if not lessen, high student loans and credit card debts before marrying. Millennials would rather chase their financial goals before making such a big commitment. This is why many are buying houses even if they still are single.

They are also helping lower divorce rates in an unconventional way. Many consider cohabiting a good way to test drive their relationships and see if they found “the one.” Since one can’t legally consider unmarried couples who split as divorced, this is actually dragging the number of divorces worldwide.

Another wedding trend common to millennials is prenuptial agreements. These days, the rich and famous are not the only ones investing in prenuptial before marriage. Even millennials are making the right choice of thinking about the future and protecting their assets in case a divorce becomes inevitable in the future.

Millennials who have already tied the knot are skipping grand weddings in exchange for cheaper and more intimate ones. This is especially true for couples who were wedded during the pandemic. In an attempt to lower the chances of spreading the virus during such social events, couples chose to hold smaller and low-budget weddings.

The Pros of Holding an Intimate and Affordable Wedding

Many people would splurge on their weddings. Such an occasion is usually a once-in-a-lifetime affair, after all. But while we are accustomed to going all out and inviting everyone we can to weddings, more people are skipping the high financial burden.

Small and cheap weddings are becoming a big hit. More couples are considering smaller weddings so that they can use their hard-earned savings for themselves. This allows them to personalize their wedding all they want minus the high wedding expenses.

Some couples would invest in their rings for the wedding, wedding memoirs, and the food served in the event. While the small details still matter, they focus their cash and attention on the things that matter the most to them. This also enables them to personalize their wedding as much as they like.

Intimate weddings also open up better opportunities to spend the special occasion with your loved ones. You get to keep your guest list small and restrict random people from joining the event. This gives you better peace of mind knowing you only allow those you want in your wedding to be part of this wonderful occasion.

Probably one of the biggest reasons to enjoy an affordable wedding is to save money. You don’t have to spend money you don’t have or blow your savings to hold the wedding. You can reduce the risk of going into debt to impress other people.

Such weddings also allow the couples to spend more time with each other. Bigger weddings often make couples so tired at the end of the day that they can’t afford to spend the special day with their partners. With fewer people to entertain and lesser financial troubles to pay for, you have more time to enjoy each other’s company.

Why Cheaper Weddings Are Better According to Studies

Numerous studies claim that cheaper weddings last longer. This is since you get to enjoy better support from your close loved one for having such a wedding. You also get to reduce the need to splurge with fewer people attending the occasion.

There are many ways you can get the most out of a cheap. You can reduce the financial stress associated with planning a wedding. While this will not guarantee a long and happy marriage, this is still something to ponder.

A cheaper and more intimate wedding allows couples to evaluate their priorities. Would they rather splurge and impress their guests than think about the financial repercussions of buying a wedding they can’t afford? For most people, it does not make sense to do just that when they have a lifetime to spend the hard-earned cash for their future.

So, should you opt for a cheap and intimate wedding? That decision lies between you and your partner. What matters is that you learn to find common ground and set your priorities straight even before you start planning. This way, you can reduce your wedding stress and have a wedding you will both enjoy.