Friday, June 21

What Is Postal Validation and Do I Need It?

When you send a letter or package, you’ll want to make sure it’s delivered! With postal validation, the postal service can use technology to help identify the validity of a letter or package. This validation doesn’t just help confirm if your letter or package was received – it also helps prevent fraud.

Postal validation is a way to confirm the legitimacy of an email address. Normally, email addresses are verified when they are added to a mailing list or when someone signs up for an email campaign. However, if someone already has an email address and you want to ensure that your emails reach that person, postal validation may be the solution.

To validate an email address, you need to find out what type of postal service the address is registered with. 

Benefits of Postage Validation

Postal validation is a process by which the postal service can confirm that a parcel has been mailed and is on its way to its destination. It can be used to protect both the sender and receiver from frau, and is also an important part of postal history. There are several benefits to using postage validation, including preventing fraudulent claims and protecting valuable shipments from theft or damage. In some cases, postal validation can also help ensure timely delivery. 

There are two types of postage validation: physical and digital. With physical validation, the postal service sends a special stamp to your door that confirms that your package has been mailed. With digital validation, the postal service sends you a code or barcode that you need to scan into your computer when you receive your package.

USPS Mailing Requirements for using Postal Validation

Postal validation is a process by which a mail piece can be verified as having been mailed from the United States. In order to use postal validation, your mailing must meet all of the following requirements: 

– The mailing must be sent through the United States Postal Service (USPS) 

– The mailing must have an envelope that bears one of the following markings: “PAID”, “PRIORITY”, or “SUBSCRIPTION” 

– The mailing must be addressed to someone in the United States 

– The mailing must include a postage payment affixed to the envelope or stamp.


Postal validation is a process that allows mail recipients to confirm that the mail they received was sent from a trusted source. It’s important to request validation if you’re not confident in the identity of the sender or if you want to be extra sure that the mail you receive is legit press confirmation is the least secure type of verification and is only necessary if you’re not confident in the sender’s identity or if you need to confirm a single address. To request address confirmation, simply include your full name and street address on the envelope or package. If the recipient confirms that the address on the envelope or package matches their own, then postal validation has been successful.