Thursday, June 13

Why Is It So Difficult To Trap Rats?


Suppose you have encountered a rodent infestation at your house or commercial property. In that case, you will know how challenging it is to eliminate them. Most households face rodent invasion at their problems. Rodents can sneak up to anybody’s house anytime and any given day of the year. 

However, the trick is to show them the exit door before the problem becomes messy. Unfortunately, trapping the rat isn’t an easy job until you’ve taken help from the pest control wholesale supplier. 

Widely Accepted Reasons Why Rodents Are Hard To Trap

They Are Bigger Than Mice

Unless you have invested in the rat glue trap, they might not be able to trap rats properly. The traditionally designed rodent traps aren’t constructed well to trap rats. This isn’t to be blamed on the household, given how they don’t realize whether it is a rat or mice infestation that they are dealing with. What they know is that they have come across hairy and icky creatures. 

The rats fall between the average size of 7-10 inches and are double that of a traditional house rat. Unlike the latest traps, most standard rat glue traps cannot cage the rats.

Different Rodent Species Follow A Different Diet

While you might be using cheese pieces to attract rats on your rat glue traps, or even a smear of peanut butter, the rats might not be trapped that way. This is because different rat species have other diets. The black rats, for instance, take shelter under the roof, tree top and rafters. It’s no wonder why they feed on plant-based food and wouldn’t be attracted to your cheese.

Since homeowners aren’t sure how to determine their diets, it might sometimes become a problem to trap. Once you learn about their diet, you can choose pest products and traps accordingly from the pest control wholesale online store.

Rats Are Born Clever And Smart

Rats are born to identify suspicious of new items. So when you install the rat glue traps for them, it is natural for them to avoid them for quite some time. This can lead to the homeowners quitting the idea of trapping rats altogether. The motive is to eliminate rats from houses quickly, which can impose a considerable challenge. 

The Travel Around Places Inside House Carefully

Rats don’t believe in travelling publicly or under your eyes. They would rater scurry along your kitchen pipes, balcony railings and staircases. This becomes a challenging task for the homeowners to trap them using products from the pest control wholesale trader. This is primarily because they are unable to track down their particular pathways. It isn’t child’s play to reach rats in inaccessible or hard to reach places like the attics and ceilings.

As you read, many reasons make it difficult for homemakers to trap the rats. However, you can always contact the pest control wholesale store to get the right products. Instead of counting on traditional rat traps, rely on rat glue traps designed for narrow spaces and are made of extra-powerful glue for effective trapping of rats.