Saturday, July 13

Why Millennials and Gen Zs Are Dissatisfied with Today’s Healthcare System

Millennials and Generation Z make up today’s young generation. Like any other generation, they have their own preferences. But one remarkable thing about them is their willingness to speak up about what’s on their mind. They would do this even if it meant going against the status quo. One great example is their disdain when it comes to the current healthcare system.

Why Are They Dissatisfied With the Healthcare System?

The young generation continues to challenge virtually every industry, including the healthcare industry. Many of them are dissatisfied with the quality and costs of healthcare offered. They are also questioning the effectiveness of traditional treatments and interventions.

According to a study, up to 93% of millennials don’t leverage preventive healthcare visits. This is even if they have insurance-provided general physicians. They would rather do online research, read health blogs, find online medical advice and go to urgent care once they get sick.

Another study claims that millennials believe pharmaceuticals are out of touch. This often leads to their acceptance of alternative and complementary medicines (CAM). Since CAM offers a more holistic approach, young people find these invigorating.

Why This Is Actually Good News

These two young generations are challenging the healthcare industry operates. They are changing the way healthcare providers provide care to patients. They even want pharmaceutical companies to change their processes.

If anything, they are helping shape the future of the healthcare industry. They want a more tech-advanced, efficient, flexible, but holistic way of providing healthcare.

What Do Gen Zs and Millenials Want?

These two young generations demand a lot from the healthcare industry. The good news is, there are already tech innovations available that can support their demands and expectations. But what exactly do Gen Zs and millennials want?

  • A More Convenient Way of Communication

Millennials and Gen Z are used to texts and emails. They want timely responses to their inquiries. They want to have the ability to book an appointment.

Young people also want to be able to receive their test results via text and emails. But then, only a tiny percentage of healthcare practitioners have adapted texts and emails as their other modes of communication with their patients. If only more healthcare practitioners would adapt texts and emails, then they can entice more Gen Zs and millennials into their practice.

  • Access to Electronic Prescriptions

Older generations have no problem with regular doctor’s appointments. They also don’t mind getting prescription refills every time they run out of medications. But for the convenient-loving Gen Zs and millennials, they want a better way of getting prescriptions.

More people are turning to healthcare providers that offer electronic prescriptions. They want to be able to get their necessary refills when they need them. They value their time and would be willing to switch to a new provider if they get electronic prescription refills.

  • Environmentally Responsible Companies and Individuals

Millennials and Gen Z pride themselves on being advocates for greener and more sustainable practices. They want everyone and all businesses to come up with ways to lessen their impact on the environment. They go to great lengths to support environmentally-friendly companies and individuals.

But since pharmaceutical companies have a considerable impact on the environment, younger generations want them to be more responsible. They support stricter regulations and laws that are in favor of the environment. They are even willing to pay more for products offered by businesses that support their views.

  • Better Access to Health Information

Both Gen Zers and millennials love online research. They want instant access to relevant information even when it comes to their health. They also want to have lots of choices and the ability to make decisions that they believe will benefit them best.

What We Can Learn From Today’s Young Generation

Generation Z and millennials make lots of growing demands. But we can actually learn a lot from these two young generations. For one, they are challenging the old ways of delivering healthcare to patients. We are now living in the digital world.

With technology supporting virtually every task online, it is only fitting to make adjustments. This way, the healthcare industry can better cater to today’s consumers.

Soon, more consumers will demand better flexibility, convenience, and efficiency. Knowing what they want as early as now can help healthcare providers attract more millennial and Gen Z patients. Even pharmaceutical companies can start to regain these young generations’ confidence.

As generational populations shift, it makes perfect sense to make the necessary improvements. This is to better cater to today’s consumers. There is no doubt that young generations are changing the future of the healthcare industry. They are challenging the way healthcare care providers provide care. They are changing how pharmaceutical companies operate. As the numbers of millennials and Gen Zs continue to increase, catering to today’s modern consumer proves to be a wise investment.