Thursday, June 13

Wonderful Places to Visit on Your Mandarmani Holiday

Well, Mandarmaniis a village that is even a seaside place. It is situated in the eastern part of the Midnapore district and even on the northern shore of the Bay of Bengal. It is amidst the fast-growing seaside village of west Bengal. Mandarmani is even amidst the finest places to visit in west Bengal. You can find amazing resorts in Mandarmani for a relaxed stayover once you are there.

This post will acquaint you with the most visited and amazing tourist spots in and around Mandarmani. You would love to be there once you go through this post. After all, exploring new and distinct types of places is a delight that you should not miss. Have a look at some places right away:

Check out Mandarmani sea beach

Mandarmani sea beach is amidst the main tourist attractions in the realm of Mandarmani. The water of this splendid sea beach is quite clean because of the high and low tides it witnesses every day. This makes it absolutely among the top tourist spots for you to visit. The view of this beautiful sea is extremely peaceful as well as relaxing. It gets you a cool effect and is amidst the cool places for its visitors. This is the main reason that Mandarmani sea beach is amidst the finest spots to visit in Mandarmani.

Mandarmani sea beach is the longest motorable type of beach in entire India. You should definitely try out a crazy high-speed motor ride on Mandarmani sea beach. And, you are definitely going to get an exhilarating feeling. Spend some time relaxing on this beachside, even this can help you heal from stress. This beach is amidst the top places to witness in Mandarmani with scenic beauty and even a soothing aura. It is also amidst the sightseeing places that are away from the loud city life.

For your information, this amazing Mandarmani sea beach is nearly one hundred km away from Kolkata. So, it is definitely among the best places to travel or visit for west Bengal people. And, you should know that it is among the great places where you can simply lie down on the beach at the same time watching the sunset against thrilling and exciting waves. This makes it amidst the top spots to visit in Mandarmani.

The delta

Ah, the Pichaboni river meets the Bay of Bengal along the entire northern edge of the Mandarmani beach. The delta is nearly 6km from the centre of the town. This delta is locally called as ‘Mohana’. Numerous fishermen live in the area. The site is even packed with dense Jha trees. Early morning is the perfect time to visit the delta as this is once the fishermen haul their catch in. Wading through the knee-deep water, they simply pull in their nets loaded with fish and crabs. Small red crabs are a definite speciality of this region. You would surely have a good time there.

Amazing water sports

Other than beautiful sunrises and even sunsets, the Mandarmani beach even offers you a chance to experience a diversity of different water sports. This encompasses banana boat rides, jet skiing and surfing. You can also try riding an at bike along the beach or even jumping on a bungee trampoline. These activities can definitely be enjoyed by children and even adults alike. Once when it comes to water activities, it is definitely very important to follow the proper guide’s directions and wear a life vest. Of course, you can have a peaceful, fulfilled and safe experience. These rides and adventure moments are going to make you feel refreshed and excited.

Actually, you know what Mandarmani beach in the present time has a number of fun activities lined up for excited tourists. There are at bike rides on the sea beach that are definitely amazing. For bike lovers it is going to be a great and memorable sport to indulge in and for the novice this might be an experience. With jet ski and even banana boat rides, relish the thrill and excitement and the fun of being out in the wide expanse of clean blue waters. Banana boat rides are wonderful to indulge in with family. These are absolutely enjoyable rides indeed.

Digha beach

The Digha beach is a forty-eight-minute drive south of Mandarmani. This is one of the most well-known and charmed beaches of west Bengal. Digha is even known as the Brighton of the east. It is popularity is not new and dates back to when the British ruled India. Like the Mandarmani beach, the Digha beach has a low incline and it is possible to walk

Into the beautiful sea for quite a distance. The beach is seven kilometres long and boasts of white sand. The sunrises and even sunsets here are remarkable and worthy of being on a postcard. The water in Digha is quite calm and even thus ideal for swimming. You can even get to see casuarina plantation along the entire beach. It is going to be a fulfilling and peaceful experience for sure. You can have a charming experience and ensure that you spend some quality time with your loved ones.

Go on a drive beachside

Mandarmanirags about the largest motorable beach in the country. Stretching for thirteen kilometres it is ideal for going on a pleasure ride on the entire beach. With the sea as company, it is a lovely and delightful experience as you breeze through the beach. However, when you drive on the beach side, make sure that you are careful as there is sometimes rush on the beach. Come on, since you are not used to driving right next to the beech zone, it could be little tricky. So, be careful.


To sum up, you can look for amazing resorts in Mandarmani and ensure that you have a clam, memorable, adventurous and refreshing time in this region of the country. Whether alone, with friends, family or anyone; the place is going to offer you a buffet of amazing moments.