Thursday, June 13

7 Essential Luxury Apartment Amenities

Did you know that seventeen percent of Americans live in condos and apartments?

Believe it or not, Toronto real estate has some awesome apartment amenities that may convince you to find an apartment for sale.

Before you buy an apartment, though, make sure it has these seven apartment amenities.

  1. A Good Place to Park

It doesn’t matter how good your Toronto apartment looks from the inside if the parking situation is dire. You shouldn’t face the hindrance of parking before you can even think about winding down after your day.

Find an apartment for sale that comes with places to park, so you avoid this hassle.

  1. A Swimming Pool

Nothing screams luxury apartment quite like a swimming pool. Not only are they quieter and less crowded, but they’re far more private.

Grab your favorite swimsuit and get your laps in without worrying you’ll bump into someone after every stroke.

  1. An Exercise Room

Similarly, an exercise room should be included in your apartment amenities. How nice would it be to walk a few minutes to the gym instead of driving through traffic to get there?

You’ll definitely find yourself in the gym, that’s for sure.

  1. A Dog Park

Not all Toronto real estate is dog-friendly, but those that are will include a dog park. It’s a safe and convenient place to exercise your dog, especially for city-dwellers.

Want to know the underestimated perk of living in a Toronto apartment with a dog park? You can make friends with other dog-owners in the luxury apartment.

  1. A Place to BBQ

Speaking of socializing, no apartment for sale is complete without a place to socialize in the summer. A BBQ is a great spot to bring your friends during a visit or to meet other people in your apartment.

Apartment amenities like this get bonus points if the BBQ is on top of a rooftop pavilion.

Ready to buy an apartment in Toronto? These properties have the apartment amenities you’re looking for.

  1. A Restaurant

Let’s say you don’t feel like cooking one night. Maybe you don’t feel like venturing into the city for a bite to eat, either.

An on-site restaurant bridges that gap. You don’t have to travel far, and you don’t have to cook, either.

  1. A Laundry Room

Don’t underestimate how crucial it is to have a laundry room in your Toronto apartment. Otherwise, you’ll have to run your clothes to the laundromat, which eats up a huge chunk of your day.

Some Toronto real estate comes with a laundry room in your building, but it’s always better to have one in your unit.

The Best Luxury Apartment Amenities

Single-family homes are by and large the preference of most Americans. However, if they know the kind of apartment amenities that were available to them, they may change their mind.

Having a checklist like this also forces you to be picky while shopping for Toronto real estate. Don’t settle until you find a Toronto apartment with all the luxuries you need.

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