Friday, June 21

Easy No-bake Dessert Hacks to Try at Home

Are you into baking these days? It has become a pastime that can address mental health concerns amid a health crisis. Many people have ventured into using their cooking and baking skills these days.

But it can become a problem if you don’t have the right equipment. While you’re waiting for your oven to be repaired or looking to buy a new one, you can make do with what you have and make easy no-bake desserts that are sure to delight your loved ones. Whether you’re a beginner looking for easy kitchen hacks or an expert wanting to expand their repertoire, take a gander at these no-bake desserts. 


Believe it or not, you can make a cake without an oven. This is achieved by steaming. While it is usually used to soften vegetables or boil eggs, it’s surprisingly versatile. You can use the same ingredients for baking a traditional cake. Instead of popping the cake pan into the oven, you can use a steamer and leave it on medium to low heat for about an hour or so.

If you don’t have a steamer, you can use a deep pan or skillet and place a porcelain plate upside down at the bottom. Fill about one-fourth with water, and put the pan in it over the plate. Make sure that your pan is small enough to fit inside without taking up all the space. This way, you can take it out easily. It shouldn’t be sitting in the water; instead, it should be held a little over the water by the plate. Cover it with a lid and leave it there. And you’ve got steaming.

Whether using a steamer or a pot, top up with more water every time it runs a bit low. Be careful, as you’re dealing with extremely hot water. This method is suitable for making moist cakes, provided that you don’t leave it for too long. Some recipes for sponge cake, in fact, usually call for steaming instead of baking. It’s a cost-effective cake you can make without an oven since it’s only made of three ingredients. But you can make all kinds of cakes with this method, using the same quantity of ingredients you would typically use.


Like cakes, you can steam brownies instead of baking. You’d need a square pan that would fit inside a steamer or a pot. This might present some challenges, but you can use any regular round cake pan for the brownies if you don’t mind doing it. You want the brownies to be dense and decadent. When you check it with a toothpick, it should come out with some chocolate sticking to it, unlike with a cake. 

Brownies are simple to make if you’re not ready to try making a cake yet. The best thing about it (and cakes) is that you can get pre-made batter at any supermarket. You can mix that all up, pop it in the steamer, and be done with it.


Cookies are everyone’s go-to baked goods. They’re tasty, they’re classic, and they’re easy to make. Like brownies and cakes, you can get pre-made cookie batter straight from the supermarket. However, the best way to make cookies without an oven is by using your good old stovetop to make some pan cookies. You can make cookies in any regular skillet. Just make sure to use a non-stick pan and don’t grease it with too much oil. 

Other methods to make no-bake cookies include mug cookies and microwave cookies. You can even make cookies that require no cooking at all by substituting some ingredients in your usual batter and sticking them into the fridge to set.


If you don’t mind making something from scratch, there’s always cheesecake. Cheesecake is the classic no-bake recipe because you can make most of them without needing to put anything on heat. The downside is you can’t use typical ingredients. You’d have to substitute the eggs for something heavier to bind everything together so that it doesn’t fall apart. Gelatin is usually the way to go, but some recipes call for heavy whipping cream.

Once you’ve made the crust and added the filling, pop it in the fridge overnight, and you’ll have beautiful moist cheesecake in no time. Give it at least eight hours in the refrigerator to have it set and firm up. This is important for no-bake cheesecakes so that the filling doesn’t melt or fall apart when you take it out. If you need to have it done by a particular day, have it made at least a day before.

The best thing about cheesecake is its versatility. You can make any variety out of the same recipe by adding different ingredients for the filling and the toppings. It’s classy without requiring too much effort. 

Mousses and pudding

Finally, perhaps the epitome of no-bake desserts is mousse and pudding. Custard puddings and mousse are entirely no-bake, and like cheesecake, you can have it set in the fridge for a time. Depending on the type, you can make them from the simplest ingredients. They’re a quick and simple dessert to make but still look classy with the right toppings and presentation.

Baking without an oven doesn’t have to be hard. There are plenty of ways you can get around it and make the most of what you have. Follow these easy hacks, and you can become a baker in your own right, even though you’re not technically baking anything.