Thursday, February 22

How Does the Forthcoming Professional Interior Design Course at Home Design Institute Work?

If you are looking to jump start a new career in the field of interior design, then the professional Interior Design course at Home Design Institute – Paris is exactly for you. It provides students with all the necessary knowledge required by today’s professional industry. Its aim is not only to equip students with the requisite knowledge, but also to provide them with the tools and skills necessary for success. How exactly does this professional course work?

Online Synchronous Learning

The Interior Design professional course at HDI is an online synchronous study program in which classes are entirely held via ZOOM. Online synchronous learning is a powerful form of study today. It allows students to interact with the instructor and other students during the classes that are happening in real-time. This means that students can ask questions, discuss their assignments, and participate in group projects together. This interactive form of communication allows students to experience a more personalized environment for their study needs as well as to meet new classmates that may make valuable contacts from all over the world. The online synchronous form of learning is especially convenient for busy students who otherwise would not be able to attend classes and educate themselves. It offers access from any device, enabling students to study in their own environment. Thus, distance learners have access to high quality teaching from anywhere in the world at any time! In addition, students have access to video recordings of all classes and all presentations. In this way, HDI provides students with the opportunity to catch up on the material if they are absent. Online distance learning is the present and future of education.

Practical Course

The Interior Design professional course is with a duration of 10 months and is perfect for students who are beginners or have basic knowledge in the field. The lectures cover a wide variety of topics and will go into detail for each one. Their aim is to develop students’ creativity and confidence. During the course students participate in many practical tasks and team projects. They will be taught to use AutoCAD in depth for their plans and 2D drawings and 3D Studio MAX for their 3D models. At the end of the course, students defend a project which they have designed and developed during their studying. The advantage of this course is that it combines theory with practical application so that when you complete your studies, you will have gained invaluable experience which can lead straight into employment opportunities within the industry.

Portfolio and Certificate

The Interior Design course at HDI helps students to build-up their first professional portfolio that showcases their knowledge and skills. Each portfolio is an important part of the job search process of any professional. Portfolios can be used for many purposes, such as applying for jobs or scholarships, showcasing skills and experience to potential employers and clients, or providing evidence of completed courses of study. Usually, employers want to see examples of a person’s work before hiring them because it lets them know if they have the necessary knowledge and skills to do that kind of work well. At the end of the course all students defend their projects. The successfully completed students earned a professional certificate that certify their knowledge and skills in the area.

Personal Online Consultation About the Professional Course with an HDI Representative

HDI is completely aware that there might be people who would like to know more about the professional program. Everyone can contact HDI to ask about an online consultation concerning the program. The HDI team will provide anyone interested in the course with all the necessary information and will be happy to answer any questions.

The Interior Designer profession is becoming more and more popular today, which makes it a very competitive field to enter. The Interior Design professional course at HDI will provide students with skills and knowledge that are essential for working as an Interior designer anywhere in the world. So, if this is your passion, be sure that the Interior Design professional course is the right choice! So, what are you waiting for? Enroll now!