Saturday, July 13

How to Modify a Kids’ Motorized Cars to Go Faster

Did you know electric cars for kids go an average of 6 mph?

The speed of ride-on cars makes them an ideal gift for toddlers and young children. They can drive around and learn the rules of the road safely.

Yet, over time, kids often get bored of these toys. But with increased speed, kids’ motorized cars become more exciting and fun!

Check out these tips for modifying kids’ cars to give your kids a major thrill.

Tip 1: Remove the Lock-Out Screw

This method is the easiest way to make the car go faster. The lock-out screw or “governor” controls the speed to ensure your child remains safe.

To adjust the governor, loosen the screw on the side of the shifter, push it to the highest position, and reattach the screw. Now your kid will experience the car at its maximum speed!

Tip 2: Change the Battery

Many Power Wheels and electric cars use a 12V stock battery. A 12V battery reaches a top speed of 5 mph, perfect for small children.

But, you can upgrade this to an 18V tool battery for more power and speed. To complete the upgrade, you need the following:

  • A crimping tool and crime spade wire connectors
  • A screwdriver
  • Wire strippers

First, cut the battery wires in the middle. Don’t let them touch. Then, strip about a quarter of the connector wires.

Next, attach the connections using a crimping tool. Don’t forget to check the positive and negative wires.

Then connect the wires to the new battery and secure it to the power wheel. Finally, the car should be ready to go!

If 18V isn’t enough, you can add a second 12V battery for even more speed. A 24V car will feel like a go-kart and is safe for kids over six.

Before adding a second battery, check the voltage of the car to ensure it can handle the power. There’s a label on the car’s rechargeable battery with this information.

If you’re going to change the battery, it’s best to have prior experience with electronics and batteries. For those that lack this experience, find a friend or professional to help install the new kids’ car battery.

Tip 3: Install an Electronic Speed Controller

Even though kids’ motorized cars have basic speed controls, you aren’t limited by the given power settings. You can buy and install an electronic speed controller (ESC) for more speed and power options.

A cheap option is a standalone controller, which has a throttle to deliver power in a gentler way to the motor.

But, you can also research an ESC kit specially made for the make and model of your kid’s car. An ESC kit also allows parents to add safety functions to the vehicle, such as an emergency kill switch and brake petals.

If the ESC still doesn’t offer enough power, consider installing a new motor altogether.

The Need for Speed on Kids’ Motorized Cars

Increasing the speed of kids’ motorized cars is manageable when you have a little experience with electronics and batteries. It’s a great way to boost the fun and excitement for all, so give it a try today!

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