Saturday, May 25

How Much THC Should You Be Consuming?

A recent study found that an estimated 25% of Americans use cannabis for medical or recreational reasons. As the legal marijuana industry grows, that number is expected to grow.

The good news, when you’re purchasing cannabis products like Bongs, is that you can learn more about the strains you’re consuming as well as the dosage you’re taking.

The bad news is that if you’re new to using cannabis, you may not know how much THC you should be consuming.

Too much or too little THC can lead to undesirable effects. Read on to learn more about how much THC you should consume at a time.

Start Low and Slow: THC Dosage Based on Experience

Just like any other chemical compound that produces palpable effects, you should always keep in mind your tolerance levels. Someone who is new to THC should consume far less than an experienced individual. In fact, a vastly different amount of THC could make two different people feel relatively similar effects.

Beginners should stick to about 5 milligrams of THC. After consuming a THC product, wait at least 45 minutes before gauging how you feel.

If you have some experience with THC, between 5 and 10 milligrams is a safe bet. Moderately experienced users can go up to about 25 milligrams, although they may want to pace themselves in the process. Regular users can often handle between 25 and 80 milligrams–but these are people who consume a lot of THC every single day.

Is There Such Thing as Too Much THC?

How much THC is safe to consume? The truth is that THC isn’t dangerous to put in your body. While it is unwise to perform a complex task like driving while using THC, the compound, itself, isn’t lethal.

However, that doesn’t mean that going overboard won’t be unpleasant. In fact, many people who step too far outside of their tolerance levels experience distress and perceptions that they are having adverse effects. We don’t recommend it.

What If You Don’t Like the Psychoactive Effects?

THC offers a number of potential benefits including reduced pain, improved sleep, and reduced anxiety. However, some people who want to enjoy these benefits can’t because they don’t enjoy THC’s psychoactive effects. What should you do if you fall into this category?

CBD is a close cousin of THC and offers many of the same benefits, including the ones mentioned here–but without the psychoactive effects. You can purchase CBG oil wholesale and practice CBD dosing in similar increments as the ones we’ve discussed here.

The Dose Matters

When it comes to cannabinoids, the dose matters. Easing in and respecting your tolerance levels is the best way to ensure that you have an enjoyable experience. Pushing your limits won’t threaten your health but it may not lead to an enjoyable experience, overall.

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