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Oh Baby, Baby: Your Guide to Buying Different Baby Clothes

You have a baby on the way. You’re desperately trying to gather the requisite baby products. But you’re stuck on something: the different baby clothes that you need to purchase.

That’s why you’ve stumbled onto this article: you need help. Rest assured, we can provide that help. Here is a full guide to buying different types of baby clothing.

Types of Baby Clothes

Baby clothes come in many different types, each of which serves an important function. We’ll discuss these different types of clothes now.


Onesies are essentially t-shirts that wrap around the baby’s torso. Equipped with snaps, they connect over the baby’s groin area, snugly securing the baby’s diaper so that it can’t slip or shift.

In the summertime, onesies can be worn on their own. During the winter months, they should be used as underclothing.


Whereas onesies are essentially baby t-shirts, sleepers are essentially baby pajamas. Possessing long sleeves for both the arms and the legs, they cover the entirety of the baby’s body, keeping the baby warm and cozy throughout the night.

Sleepers should be worn on their own on hot days and with onesies under them on cold days. You can find sleepers with either snaps or zippers; zippers are generally much easier to deal with when changing diapers in the middle of the night.

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Another piece of baby clothing you should know about is the romper. This is essentially a onesie with short leg sleeves. Rompers are a little more breathable than onesies and are generally considered to be fancier as well.

Most rompers button up around the groin area. In select cases, rompers connect via zipper instead.

You can put your baby in a romper for any occasion, whether you’re just lounging at home or going out in public. Because they offer a little more coverage on the legs, they can help keep your baby from coming into contact with germs.


In the early days of their existence, babies aren’t able to regulate their own body temperature. As such, they need clothing to regulate it for them.

On those particularly cold days, you can help keep your baby warm by putting them in a pram. A pram is a full-body suit with a hood attached. It’s thicker than other baby clothing and does a terrific job of confining a baby’s body heat.

Most prams come with zippers, though there are some with snaps available as well.


When babies are infants, they like the feeling of being firmly snuggled. This is what they got used to when they were in the womb and they don’t yet want to leave it behind.

Fortunately, parents can recreate this feeling with the help of swaddles. Swaddles are wraps that go around the baby, holding their arms and legs firmly in place so that they can’t stir.

You can find swaddles of all kinds. There are Velcro swaddles, zipper swaddles, snap swaddles, and more.


Once the baby grows a little older, they will be able to roll over. As such, they’ll need to have their arms free so that they’re able to lift up their head.

This is where a gown can come in handy. A gown is similar to a swaddle but with long arm sleeves that cover the baby’s arms entirely. It allows the baby’s arms a full range of motion but keeps the baby’s legs confined.


Like human adults, human babies need pants. Pants can be used in tandem with onesies as a means of keeping a baby warm. They can also help to pull an outfit together aesthetically.


As was noted above, babies can’t regulate their own body temperature. As such, clothing coverage is almost always needed. This includes on the baby’s feet.

For this reason, when shopping for baby clothes, make sure to grab some pairs of socks.

Things to Think About When Choosing Baby Clothes

When choosing baby clothes there are a few different things you’ll need to think about. These things include the following.

Babies Can’t Regulate Their Own Body Temperature

We can’t drive this point home enough: babies can’t regulate their own body temperature. When it’s cold, they will feel very cold. When it’s hot, they will feel very hot.

Therefore, it’s vital that you dress your baby in weather-appropriate clothing at all times. When the winter months roll around, make sure to layer up.

Babies Are Easily Disturbed

Because we’ve been conditioned to exist on this planet with all that it has to offer, human adults don’t have much trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or controlling their emotions. The same is not true of babies.

See, babies are still getting used to their surroundings. As such, they’re very easily disturbed. Any level of discomfort can stir them awake, causing a crying fit in the middle of the night.

For this reason, you must be mindful of the clothing that you’re putting your baby in. Make sure it’s the right size, make sure it’s adequately snug, and make sure it’s protecting your baby from both heat and cold.

Babies Grow Quickly

Finally, you must know that babies grow quickly. The small peanut that you see on their birthday will soon be something close to a toddler. It doesn’t even take a year.

As such, you need to be sure not to buy too much of any size of clothing. Baby clothing quickly moves from newborn sizes to 0-3 months to 3-6 months to 6-12 months to 12-18 months. Plan ahead and don’t overspend; you’ll likely need that money for something else.

There Are Many Different Baby Clothes to Consider

When it comes to babies, t-shirts, pants, and socks aren’t going to cut it. There are many different baby clothes you’ll need to consider, and they can make all the difference in the world. So, take heed of this guide and be sure to stock up on all of the necessary items.

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