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How to Use a VPN Like a Tech Expert

Wondering if you should get a VPN? It might just be the tech thing you need!

As technology advances and we depend on it more and more, concerns about online protection are growing. Data thieves, hackers, and scammers are on the hunt for personal information and can cause harm to your financial health, mental well-being, and more.

That’s where a VPN comes in handy for tech pros and novices alike. It doesn’t matter what your level of knowledge is on this technology. 

In this article, you can read everything you need to know about how to use VPN like a true expert. 

How to Secure Your Traffic with a VPN

If you’re looking to keep your traffic safe and secure, a VPN, or virtual private network, is exactly what you need. As you may know, virtual private networks encrypt your traffic so that nosy third-parties can’t see what you’re doing online.

That means no one can snoop on your activities, whether you’re at home or on public Wi-Fi. To start securing your traffic, sign up for a VPN service. There are many companies out there, but, of course, it’s best to choose a reputable provider.

As soon as you’ve signed up and downloaded the VPN software, setting it up is a breeze. Just open up the software and follow the prompts. 

Once you’re all set up, you can start browsing the web with peace of mind, knowing that your traffic is safe and secure. So go ahead and check your email, browse your favorite websites, and stream your favorite videos worry-free!

A Rundown of VPN Benefits 

When asking what is a VPN, the general answer is almost obvious. It is a technology that protects your information and keeps you from being a victim of cybercrimes, such as identity theft, phishing, etc.

However, the benefits of VPNs can get so specific that you can appreciate them in your day-to-day life, both personal and business. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Avoid Pesky Advertisers 

Did you know that ISPs have a reputation for selling their user logs to advertisers? This allows companies to promote products and services based on your Internet activities, such as the websites you visit, the videos you view, etc. With a VPN, this will not be possible. 

Prevent Data and Bandwidth Throttling

Data and bandwidth throttling is when your ISP controls your connection once you have reached your data and bandwidth caps. This simply means your connection will slow down, but if you have a VPN installed, that is not going to happen. 

Enjoy Cheaper Leased-Line Substitutes

If you own or manage a business, a VPN will allow you to skip renting expensive network capacity lines. What you can do is connect through public infrastructure via cheaper local leased lines or broadband connections with your local ISP. That can mean huge savings! 

Save With Cheaper Long Distance Rates

Yet another benefit of using a VPN is that you can enjoy cheaper long-distance calls. This is possible as the VPN allows you to connect to your local ISP access point instead of going through remote access servers and dial-ups. 

Bypass Geo-Restrictions

If you’re trying to access a website or service that is blocked in your country, a VPN can let you connect to a server in a country that is not blocked. That  means you can now access that website or service without any impediments. 

Configuring Your VPN for the Best Experience

Using a VPN like a tech expert starts with having the best configuration for the best experience. To do this, ensure that you have the latest software and firmware installed.

Also, see to it that you have the strongest encryption available and that your VPN supports multiple protocols.

Optimizing Your VPN for Speed

To optimize your VPN for speed, your need to download the fastest VPN software and ensure that your Internet connection can keep up. It also helps to choose a VPN server that is as close to your location as possible.

In any case, be sure to test your VPN connection before using it for important tasks. Lastly, take time to research different providers and find the best VPN with the best track record for speed. 

Getting the Most Out of Your VPN

You should have a fairly good understanding of the benefits of VPNs at this point. Now here are some tips and tricks you should remember in order to maximize your use of this technology:

Setting Up Your VPN on Your Router

Once your VPN is set up on your router, you won’t need to do any more VPN installations. Of course, this doesn’t apply when you’re using public WiFi.

Paying Yearly

You won’t believe how much you can save by paying for your VPN annually. Even if you review the pricing of different companies, you will find that an annual subscription always gives you better value for your money.

Protecting Your Battery

All that encryption work can take a heavier toll on your batteries than usual. To keep them from draining fast, use a portable battery solution during or after your VPN use.

Knowing Your VPN

Even if you already know the common benefits of using a VPN, it’s good to know your specific provider inside out. This way, you can use and appreciate the entire range of features they offer.  

How to Use VPN Like a Real Pro

The benefits of using a VPN are clear, but even clearer is that the process of enjoying those benefits is easy. By following the tips above, how to use VPN should not be a problem. It’s just a matter of familiarizing yourself with your software and, of course, choosing a reliable provider. 

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