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Is it possible to gain weight after Gastric bypass surgery?

gain weight after Gastric bypass surgery

Through the help of laparoscopic gastric bypass in Tijuana, Mexico, an individual can lose an average of 65 percent of weight. In simpler terms, if an individual is about 100 pounds, then around 70 pounds will be removed from the body.

There are several types of Gastric bypass surgery, which can be done according to the situation an individual is facing. In addition, there are other benefits of Gastric bypass surgery. Here are some of the benefits mentioned below in pointers:

  • Cardiovascular health will be improved.
  • A long-term solution for type 2 diabetes.
  • No depression anymore
  • No more obstructive sleep apnea
  • Relief from Joint pain
  • Fertility improvement
  • Alleviate similar medical conditions such as Heart attack, etc.

If we talk about the question, can you gain weight after gastric bypass? You will be likely to gain weight if you will not follow specific guidelines given by the surgery doctor.

  • You shouldn’t try to lose weight before gastric surgery because the whole point of getting a Gastric bypass surgery is to lose weight. Shedding some extra pounds will be more likely to be gained even after all the work of surgery if you try to lose some.
  • Don’t consume any amount of alcohol or drugs because it is without a doubt a harmful type of substance, which can create a lot of health issues. In addition, Gastric surgery will not affect your body too much if you consume alcohol during the gastric surgery process.
  • Your psychological state is also an essential factor that needs to be considered because it is vital during any type of surgical procedure.

Should you be gaining weight after Gastric bypass surgery?

Can you gain weight back after gastric bypass surgery? Well, the simple answer to this question is “yes” because individuals who don’t follow the instructions of their surgery doctor can end up gaining weight after all.

There are usually two types of gastric surgery:

  1. Gastric bypass surgery
  2. Mini gastric bypass surgery

The difference between a gastric bypass and a mini gastric bypass is that the mini version involves a little less restructuring of the intestine than the regular one. That can play a significant role in how can you regain weight after gastric bypass, as the mini version doesn’t have a higher effect on the body than the regular one. So, make sure that you talk to a gastric bypass surgery doctor before going through your options.