Saturday, April 20

Reviewing quartz countertops for your new home!

Regardless of whether you are building a new home, or remodeling the existing one, replacing the countertops is a big decision, not just in terms of investment, but also in context of décor and concept. There are varied materials for countertops, including recent options like Dekton, but for many buyers, options like quartz and granite stand out. If you check popular vendors/manufacturers in Montreal, such as comptoir Granite au Sommet, you will find literally endless colors and varieties in quartz. In this post, we are reviewing the pros and cons of quartz countertops for your home. 

Quartz is engineered

Yes, that’s right. It is one of the first things you must know about quartz. Quartz is made from 95% quartz and 5% polymers, and while it is engineered, it is stronger than granite, which is a big advantage, especially if you are using the material strictly for the countertops. Quartz countertops are less likely to crack or chip, especially if you compare with some of the natural stones. It also works better than granite in the kitchen, as quartz doesn’t require any additional sealing and is not prone to staining. 

Quartz is durable

Quartz countertops are meant to last. Even with years of usage, you don’t have to worry about the cracks, stains, and marks on the counters, which is a big plus. Engineered quartz is heavy, so you may have to pay more on shipping and installation, which again may not be a big concern, especially when compared to heavy stones like granite. 

Other things to know

Quartz is not entirely immune to discoloration, which is one of the few things on the flip side. When exposed to sunlight extensively and over a period of time, quartz can lose its original shine and color, although you may not see a change right away in the first couple of years. Manufacturers are usually very confident of quartz, which is why you can expect to get some sort of warranty on the countertops installed. 

Do check samples 

If you are interested in quartz and want to choose it for counters and bathrooms, we strongly suggest that you check a few samples. You can always visit the showroom of a local manufacturer, talk to their design team, and figure out the kind of quartz finish and look that will work best for your project. 

Check online now to find more on quartz countertop manufacturers and vendors near you.